Violist Robert Rieve | Musician Portraits

I have always loved string instruments particularly the cello. Throughout my childhood/adolescent years I sat patiently at the piano during my lessons and dreamed longingly of playing something with strings. Even though I had various attempts to learn while in college it never stuck, mostly because of my lack of patience. I would get angry at the calluses that hadn’t formed, throw my hands into the air and proceed to the nearest piano to play the song on an instrument I could actually play well. That beings said, any opportunity to work with a string professional makes my heart smile, for I have a great respect for what they do.

I met Robert through the Ramstein Area Bluegrass Association. Everyone was so excited to have a professional violist in their midst for a jam session. Classically trained at the University of South Carolina, Robert had recently moved to the Kaiserslautern area here in Germany. Dana and I had the pleasant surprise of running into Rob and his kind beautiful wife Charlan at church in Ramstein-Miesenbach {It’s a small world out here, folks!}. Rob expressed interest in getting portraits taken for his website. He also teaches classes in the local area here in Germany, while giving video lessons through his Facebook page Robert Rieve’s Violin Class.

What an honor it was to photograph this amazingly talented musician! He was such a sport despite the chilly weather and we had the most amazing day of sunshine to work with. Did I mention he played the viola/violin throughout the whole shoot? Such a rare treat! I can always tell when I’m working with a professional because their posture is impeccable and their personality shines through when they’re playing. Rob I can’t thank you enough for this fantastic opportunity. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Here is a sneak peek of your session and I wish all the best to you and your family!

Thanks again Robert for your great attitude and awesome costume changes. The detail shots of the viola are some of my favorites! I look forward to working with you again very soon!


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