Monday In A Moment #3 | On Patience


1 :: Patience  Pays Off – I made it back to the Japanese Gardens this past week with Jessica Aiduk and her girls. Much to my delight the gardens are now in FULL BLOOM! I am obsessed with saucer magnolias and was giddy with excitement to find the largest trees I have ever seen bursting with blossoms. When we left for our Ireland vacation I figured we would miss it and wrote off trying to get back. Just goes to show… patience pays off! Not to mention the best part of feeding the fishes!

2 :: Patiently Satisfying – These food recommendations are not for the faint of heart…. but so worth it! I have a huge affinity for pretty food dishes with the accompanied knowledge of knowing it’s going to to take me ALL day to get the perfect creation for photographs. But it makes my heart sing, and I am in my happy place all the while. So don’t say I didn’t warn you… this dishes are time consuming, tedious, and downright ridiculous… but SOOO worth it! 1) Chocolate Chip Almond Crunch Chiffon Cake 2) Blueberry Lemon Rainbow Cake 3) Pinata Cinco-de-Mayo Cookies 4) Mitten Sugar Cookies

Cinco de Mayo pinata sugar cookies


3 :: Patiently Walk the Line – This week is all about sky high heels. The ones that you only walk in for five minutes before realizing you’re going to break your neck if you actually wear them out of the house. “Shoes for sitting only” as I call them. But the challange to walk is no deterrent for this girl, my love for these beautiful creations is just as profound! Now if I could just have the patience to save for their heady price tags. 1) Charlotte Olympia Belinda Lace Bootie Sandal $1495.00 2) Giuseppe Zanotti Butterfly Cutout Suede Sandal $1095.00 3) Christian Louboutin Troca Fluorescent Patent Red Sole Platform Pump $845.00 4) Charlotte Olympia Dolly Crystal-Encrusted Platform Pump $1295.00 5) Jimmy Choo Kendall Beaded Platform Pump $2995.00 6) Casadei Studded-Heel Platform Pump $1300.00


4 :: DIY = Patience Required – With company coming soon {Hi Couch Family!} I am itching to put some touch ups on our apartment. I haven’t done much since my in-laws were here last October. I always forget that doing any sort of craft here in German requires extreme patience. You have to hunt like a nomad to find the right supplies continually asking for translations to make sure your products are washable not water-proof. Painting picture frames, setting up an art installation of my own design, and gathering maps are some of what’s in store for our guestroom. A giant wall quote and a 24 x 36 canvas {Thanks Chelsea Davis Photography!} will be making a statement in our living room. Some last minute relabeling and switching out mugs for the season are a must in our kitchen. I’m exciting that I will have some sunshine to work by now that winter has finally passed.

5 :: Patience is a Virtue – It’s planting season finally!!!!!!! I am so psyched to have my herb garden back outside instead of cluttering my kitchen and my living room. I currently have mint, thyme, basil, and parsley that have survived the winter indoors. I have plans to plant oregano, dill, lemon thyme, and chives. So excited!!!!! Maybe I’ll actually have matching cute pots this year… who knows. After the herbs I’ll move on to sugar snap peas, strawberries, and tomatoes. I’m definitely psyched to have the balcony full of edible foliage for the season! I remembered that each herb has it’s own meaning and thought it’d be fun to remind ya’ll what each represents. Enjoy!

6 :: Not-So-Patient Tunes for the Road – While in Ireland driving on the wrong side of the road, D and I had purchased the most recent Mumford and Son’s album Babel to listen to on the road. Best. Driving. Music. EVER. Some of it is calming, but most of it gets you pumped to consume more mileage. Our recent favorite from the album is “Hopeless Wanderer”. D loves the lyrics {as the completely apply to him} and I love the rhythm. Pretty powerful stuff. Awesome job M&S. Thanks for making our Ireland trip amazing!

7 :: Patient Anticipation – Our trip to Ireland was incredible. I highly recommend that EVERYONE visits Ireland once in their lifetime. The people are just so friendly and no one pours a Guinness like the Irish. That being said, I’ve had at least a dozen requests to see photos and I promise they are on their way. I’ll be editing one day at a time and posting when I’ve completed them. It’s impossible to believe that my schedule could get any busier, but it has… so I humbly ask for your patience but promise to deliver! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come!

That’s all for this Monday! Never have a case of the Monday’s by tuning in every week!

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