The Process

It all starts with creating a moodboard for the project. Pinterest is the best visual bulletin board for clients to give me an idea of their desired colors schemes and style. Everything from the florals, to the dress, to the shoes, cake, decorations etc. The more information I have the easier it is for me to create a design that will fit in seamlessly with the event.

Then the design discussion begins. The client sends me invite designs that she likes or element designs she wants to match. We talk fonts and style. Then it’s time for me to break out the pencils and watercolors to come up with a mock up. In some designs I will watercolor the complete design together but in certain projects the design elements get painted separately, scanned in, and the put together in Photoshop. Proofs are sent to the client for approval and then the design is sent to print.

Lastly the envelope design is chosen, then formatted, and proofs are sent to the client for approval. I am a stickler for script continuity throughout each project. Next the invitations are packaged and all embellishments are added such as stamps, washi-tap, or wax seals.

Finally the invitations are shipped directly to the client in KACD’s boutique packaging. Each envelope for every project is quality checked.