Monday In A Moment #2 | On Change


1 :: Change of Plans – Living an Air Force life is completely unpredictable. Nothing is ever set in stone until its actually happening. That being said, we had some startling news handed our way last week. D’s deployment has been officially cancelled. What was most unexpected was that disappointment can always follow relief. I was so grateful that we would not be separated for six months, but I won’t lie, I was bummed to watch our time together in Puerto Rico evaporate just like that. Good News: D’s going to be here for all of our visitors this summer (B, S, TAJ, and my brother PT!). So we’re in what I call an adjustment period right now. Where every knee jerk reaction about the deployment is still there, but so is the constant reminder that it is no longer happening.  Alas… thank the Lord and c’este la vie.

2 :: Change your Tune – One of the things I miss the most from home while living in Germany is the radio. Particularly stations from Dallas. German radio is random and not being able to understand the commercials annoys me. It just sounds like noise and I can only take so much. Pandora was always my go-to, but constantly making sure we’re hooked up to the VPN is also aggravating as Pandora doesn’t work overseas. Luckily, my neighbor J has introduced me to Spotify. I’m sure many of you have heard of it (as I tend to be way behind the curve on these things) but I am so psyched to have custom radio again! I like it better than Pandora because you can star songs you like and they are saved in a folder so you always have the artist and song title at your fingertips. Not to mention their Folk Station is freaking amazing. As a side note, I still get to listen to German commercials, but they’re short and I get to hear the music I want so it’s alright. So get on the Spotify bandwagon! You surely won’t regret it!

3 :: Change of Scenery – This week I am so excited I can barely stand it. D and I are headed to Ireland for a five day vacation!!!!!!!!! We’re flying into Dublin and then driving to Galeway. We’ll be seeing the Trinity College Library, Kylemoore Castle & Abbey, Ashford Castle, the cliffs of Moher, and we’ll be taking a hawk walk with the Ireland School of Falconry. This is my birthday present to my husband as he would rather travel and make memories than receive gifts. I just pray the rain is kept at bay during our stay! We’re renting a car, which means D will be driving on the wrong side of the road! I’m curious to see how that goes. I am beside myself at the photo opportunities that will be presented on this trip! I promise to blog about our adventure and will drink a pint of Guinness for everyone! Sláinte!

4 :: Change it Up – Normally I’m a stiletto heels kinda gal. They’re empowering and just plain fantastic. Unfortunately living in Germany has presented me with problematic obstacles like cobblestone and insane terrain. So this week I’m giving a shout-out to more practical shoes… showing some love to styles like ballet flats, Grecian sandals, & non-sneaker sneakers. I’ve been wearing my tall boots all winter and now I’m looking at my collection in horror knowing I don’t have what I need for the upcoming seasons. You know your not in Texas anymore when you have to build up your flip-flop calluses every year because you can’t wear your favorites year round. So here’s to changing from slouchy boots to sandals! 1) Converse Chuck ‘Dainty’ Sneaker $49.95 2) Bed Stu ‘Fury’ Saddle Shoe $164.95 3) Franco Sarto Sandal $69.95 4) Kate Spade ‘Effie’ Flat $228.00 5) Sam Edelman ‘Grant’ Sandal $129.95

Converse Chuck Taylor® 'Dainty' SneakerBed Stu 'Fury' Saddle ShoeFranco Sarto Sandalkate spade new york 'effie' flatSam Edelman 'Grant' Sandal

5 :: Change Restaurants – Yesterday was the prettiest day of Spring we’ve had in Germany yet! So. Much. Sunshine!!!! We decided to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible and after visiting friends, we headed into Kaiserslautern for dinner. It made me smile to see everyone finally able to eat outside. I was not in the mood for anything in particular so D got to choose the restaurant. We always like to try new places and I am thrilled to recommend this one to you all! Located in the walkplatz, Kahori is an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. Pro’s : a)  These guys have the all you can eat thing down to a science. They provide you with a personal menu that allows you to write down the number of each dish you want to try per round.  b) They charge you for leftovers. I know what you’re thinking “How can this be a pro?” but I am a big believer in not wasting food and this rule challenges Kahori’s patrons to only order what they can eat. c) EVERYTHING is delicious. d) They’re menu is ridiculous. Over 60 options to choose from. Con’s : a) Cost. €22.80 per person. It’s crazy expensive in my opinion, but if you have an appetite like Dana then you can get your money’s worth for sure. b) You have a two hour time limit to order. Not a horrible con, but for people who don’t eat fast {yours truly} it can be a little daunting. Overall I give it 4 stars. Definitely worth trying for a special occasion.

6 :: Change is Blooming – I am giddy like a 13 year old girl from the 90’s at an N’SYNC concert to see the weather finally changing here in Landstuhl this week! So much sunshine and blue sky! Enough to make you feel like the past four months haven’t been gray, dreary and monotonous. D was more chatty than I’ve seen him in a long time yesterday and we both blame the sun. I love capturing the seasons changing and on our way back to the car from Kahori, I saw this bush ablaze with blooms and I couldn’t help myself. Such tiny little flowers! Oh and did I mention it was 8:30 pm and the sun was still out?!? Froh Frühling Deutchland!

That’s all for this Monday! Never have a case of the Monday’s by tuning in every week!

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