Monday In a Moment #52 | A Fresh Appetizer


1 :: Work Day – I have a shoot today with the awesome Savanna Hoyle, so today’s MIAM will be short and sweet! There is just too much prep work involved to put out a full fledged MIAM. Hopefully you’ll still get some Monday cheer to help you push through your day!

2 :: Weekly Photo Recap – Here is what you missed last week! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to catch the daily photo of the goings on in the studio!

Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Little OnesKirsten Ashley Photography | Venice, Italy | Traveling TuesdayKirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Sunflower Fields ForeverKirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Custom Calligraphy | Brush LetteringKirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Brugge, BelgiumKirsten Ashley Photography & Design

3 :: Watermelon Feta Mint AppetizersOH yeah. This happened in my kitchen this morning. Inspired by the prompt “Watermelon” for the #christinagrevephotochallenge, I really wanted a fun clean editorial foodie setup. Especially since I don’t have kids to photograph… {Watching little ones engorge themselves on this juicy summertime treat makes my heart so happy!} For those of you who want to make this tasty fresh appetizer that will broaden your foodie pallet horizons, all you need is cubed watermelon, a melon baller {to scoop out holes}, feta, finely chopped mint, balsamic vinaigrette, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Mix all of the ingredients minus the watermelon in a bowl. Use the melon baller to scoop out holes in the watermelon cubes. Fill the holes with the prepared filling. Finally drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette! Viola! Hello tasty summer appetizer!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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