Monday In A Moment #51 – On Going Home


1 :: Homeward Bound – At long last we finally received word on where we are moving for the year 2015! Drum roll please….. …. …. …. We are moving to ABILENE, TEXAS!! Who would have thought? After three long years of being over 5000 miles from home we will move three hours away from Garland. My brain simply cannot process this information! Not to mention the fact that my husband and I have only experienced our marriage living abroad, never living in the good ‘ole US of A. We have never had simple conversations like, what kind of delivery pizza would you like, papa johns or domino’s? or Where do you want to go to the store, Kroger or Whole Foods? There is a whole new chapter of our life racing our way and the best part is? We’ll be home for Christmas this year! Stay tuned for more details…

2 :: No More Bookings – In line with our moving day news, I am making the official announcement that I am no longer taking new clients for the year 2014. With all of the PCS paperwork, packing, housing closeouts and more, my time is extremely limited and my calender is booked through December 1st!  I want to thank everyone for letting me be a part of this outstanding community full of talented photographers and amazing clients.

3 :: Ode to Kate Spade – Browsing through the new arrivals at Norstrom shoes, I found myself choosing Kate Spade design after Kate Spade design… and figured why not? She’s awesome… she deserves her own MIAM shoe pick shoutout. Without further ado, I give you Kate Spade New York… how I love her so! Click on a link to take you shopping at! 1) kate spade new york – ‘lauretta’ pump – $350.00 2) kate spade new york – ‘toast’ flat – $228.00 3) kate spade new york – ‘aiko’ cutout pump – $398.00 4) kate spade new york – ‘licorice too’ pump {rose gold} – $328.00 5) kate spade new york – ‘lennin’ flannel pump – $350.00 6) kate spade new york – ‘lisa’ pump – $328.00


KAPD - Monday In A Moment #52 | Kate Spade New York | 'lauretta' pumpKAPD - Monday In A Moment #52 | Kate Spade New York | 'toast' flatKAPD - Monday In A Moment #52 | Kate Spade New York | 'aiko' cutout pump (Women)KAPD - Monday In A Moment #52 | Kate Spade New York | 'licorice too' pumpKAPD - Monday In A Moment #52 | Kate Spade New York | 'lennin' flannel pump (Women)KAPD - Monday In A Moment #52 | Kate Spade New York | 'lisa' pump

4 :: Weekly Photo Recap – Here’s what you missed last week! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and never miss what’s going on in my studio every day!

Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Healthy LifeKirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Male PhotographyKirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Glamour PhotographyKirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Happiness Through My Eyes - July 2014Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Weilerbach Germany | Travel Photography

5 :: Yummy Summer Dishes – Summer makes me crave light and fresh foods! Not to mention ice cream… woah man… So this week’s Pinterest Recipe Picks bring you just that… a touch of freshness with a sweet treat to boot! Enjoy! Click Here to follow my Yummay board on Pinterest! 1) Blueberry Coconut Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate bits (dairy-free) – Boulder Locavore 2) Thai Cashew Coconut Rice with Ginger Peanut Sauce – Host The Toast Blog 3) Grilled Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette – Spicy Southern Kitchen 4) Black Bean Quinoa Burgers – Queen of Quinoa 5) Drunken Cherry Ice Cream Recipe – Savory Simple

Blueberry Coconut Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate bits - BoulderLocavoreThai Cashew Coconut Rice with Ginger Peanut Dressing.  This rice salad is seriously addictive and always a huge hit at potlucks!  Pasta sala...Grilled Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad with Lemon-Basil VinaigretteBlack Bean Quinoa Burgers - a vegetarian and gluten-free option everyone will adore // Queen of QuinoaDrunken Cherry Ice Cream - Savory Simple

6 :: Giggles – D and I had the pleasure of babysitting are two favorite monkeys this past weekend and I still can’t believe how much the girls have grown. S was particularly giggly that day and I was enthusiastically trailing after her with a camera to capture the joy. The one to the far right is my favorite…. her laugh is absolutely infectious!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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