Monday In A Moment #9 | On Sunshine


1) Good Day Sunshine :: The sun is finally here to stay!!! Well mostly…. Definitely way more than it used to be. I have had to convince visitors that this weather is not typical German rainy-day weather. They look at me skeptically like I’m crazy. As if to say “Are you sure?!?!?!” I’m definitely sure. Although I have to say, the summer/fall are my favorite seasons in Deutschland!

2) Sunshine for Your Love :: Oh the soundtracks I have been listening to lately! I feel like I am bursting at the seams with original motion picture scores. I was excited and not shocked to know that the composers for each were some of my old favorites. 1) {The Terminal – John Williams} I have to thank Sean Couch for introducing me to this one. It’s classic John Williams with a slight twist of worldly cultural influence. It calms my heart and allows me to edit in peace at the end of the day. 2) {Anna Karenina – Dario Marianelli} While the movie itself is a haunting tale about obsession and corruption the soundtrack is absolutely inspiring. I have found myself whistling the main theme for days after listening to the album. Melodies with Russian overtones and an almost inauspicious circus feel. Great for editing on a rainy day. 3) {The Tourist – James Newton Howard} First off let me tell you how much I adored this movie! Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I watched it right after I came home from Venice. I also went in with no expectations. It’s charming, thrilling, and the couture… holy geez Angie, your clothes! The soundtrack of the film surprised me. There was almost a fairy-tale like quality to the full orchestral movements, white the chase scenes are reminiscent of John Powell’s work from Mr & Mrs Smith or The Italian Job. I was also delighted in the length of the score totaling one hour and four minutes. This soundtrack is the one to listen to if you’re creating on a blank canvas.

3) Everything Under the Sun :: Lately I have been craving a pair of sandals. Perhaps it’s due to my recent obsession with ballet flats. Now that spring is over and summer has finally hit Germany, my toes want some sunshine! It’s no wonder sandals are their own shoe category… there are so many options! Flip flop, Grecian, wedge, espadrille, strappy, etc. Here are my most recent loves: 1) Tory Burch Miller Croc-Embossed Thong Sandal $225.00 2) Rene Caovilla Crystallized Flat Thong Sandal $1,200.00 3) Ancient Greek Sandals Hercules Knotted Thong Sandal $215.00 4) Stella McCartney Double Crisscross Ankle-Wrap Sandal SALE $254.00 5) K. Jacques Picon T-Strap Thong Sandal SALE $170.00

4) Sunny Summer Treats :: I think it’s because we’re well into summer that my southern roots scream out for comfort food. This weeks advice from the Sugar Queen is to indulge in this seasons luscious scintillating favorites. I picked up some peaches at the farmer’s market this weekend and I am psyched to make the individual cobblers! 1) Individual Peach Cobblers 2) Blackberry Cobbler 3) Homemade Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream 4) Sweet Southern Sun Tea

Individual Peach Cobblers

5) Make a Little Hay While the Sun is Shining :: I want to give a big shout out thank you to Tabatha Janak for coming to visit us here in Germany for TWELVE DAYS! We had such a wonderful time showing her around. It is truly a wondrous thing to have close friends *ahem! FAMILY* come to stay! She even brought me a card signed by all of my co-workers from OPN! Made. My. Week! During her stay, T and I took a four day trip to Venice! Get excited for the posts to come of photos from that trip. Here is a sneak peek of what to look forward to!

That’s all for this Monday! Hope this inspired you to start your week refreshed and ready to conquer. Don’t forget to come back next week!

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