Monday In A Moment #23 | On Vintage Pastimes


1 :: 28 Years vs 83 – This past week I celebrated my 28th birthday. Wow time flies. I want to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes!!! It sure makes me feel loved while living so far from home. What is particularly incredible is that I share this birthday with my Pop Pop {Ted Tudor Sr.} who turned 83 this year. He has seen some seriously amazing things happen in his lifetime and one of my favorite stories to hear him tell is how he got demoted in the Air Force for doing a fly by over the women’s dorms. He’s so cool. When I was younger they had a sporty coupe convertible that I would so lovingly refer to as “the car without the lid”. He would drive me everywhere in that car with his golfing hat on and big smile on his face. Pop Pop was my very own personal Bing Crosby and I just want him to know that I love him VERY much and wish I could be there to celebrate with him on our birthday this year.

2 :: Shoes that still have it – D & I had a photoshoot with Jesse’s Girl Photography this week for our Christmas cards. I’m just not patient enough to try to photograph us myself with the remote. Of course the shoot will have a 1940s urban vintage theme. Germany is kind enough to lend us it’s old style charm for the event. We’ll be providing clothes & props. SO excited. For this week’s shoe picks I wanted to go vintage and showcase footwear that withstands the test of time in style! All shoes are courtesy of RemixVintageShoes.com1) Zurich-Victorian “dandy” to early 20th century lace-up oxford – $240.00 2) 1920’s Deco – $194.00 3) 1940’s Babydoll – $148.00 4) 1930’s Cassie Boot – $262.00 5) 1930s/40’s Gramercy – $192.00 6) 1930’s Myrna – $198.00

DECO Black suede / wine

3 :: 1940’s Recipe’s with an Update – There are just certain recipes that have been around for a LONG time. This week’s picks are from “The 1940’s Experiment”. Talk about fascinating…. these recipes are live renditions of war-time meals. They even include take the ration restrictions into consideration!!! I was particularly intrigued with the names of these dishes. Click on a link to take you to the reicpes. Like these recipe’s? Follow myYummay board on Pinterest! 1) Traditional Irish Soda Bread 2) Toad in the Hole 3) Brown Betty 4) Cold Meat Pasties 5) Julia Childs Boeuf Bourguignon 1940s ration style 6) Bubble & Squeak

4 :: Take it back now Ya’ll – In the interest of all things old school I thought I’d break out these images to show you just how much times have changed or in this case… haven’t changed. I swear I lived in the 40s in another life. Check out how closely my grandmother’s photo resembles my own. Ha! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my family’s past. Happy Birthday Pop Pop!!!

Thanks for tuning in this week! I hope this helped you beat your “case of the Monday’s” and feel inspired for the week!

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