Birthday Shout-outs | A is for Amazing Husband

Today is my husband’s 29th birthday. That’s right folks one year left before the big three-zero. I wanted to dedicate today’s post to you, D. Thank you for being an incredible husband. I love you for the following reasons:

1. You read every blog post and comment on almost every photo without complaint or irritation. Even though I know photos aren’t your fav.
2. You butter my toast. Literally. I’ve never had anyone butter my toast since my mother and there is something comfortingly sweet about it.
3. You always let me have the last bite/drink no matter what we’re sharing.
4. You are the immovable wall against my unstoppable force. Without you I’d work myself into oblivion.
5. You keep twix in a holster in case I get hungry/annoyed. You’re a genius.
6. You never leave for work without kissing me goodbye.
7. You rub my feet without my asking. You somehow know that I simply need it.
8. You’ve taught me to like scotch, taken me to shoot handguns, taught me the basics of scuba, how to ski, etc. What’s next?
9. You still make the best gosh darn eggs I’ve ever eaten.
10. You always put more soap in the dish sponge whenever we run out. Without you it would never get refilled. Ever.
11. You’re my carrot!!!!!!!!!!!!

{That’s right ya’ll…. it’s cookie dough. We have a recipe that is strictly for dough eating purposes.}

Here’s to another year of many… filled with more adventures, some planned… some not so planned. It warms my heart to know that whatever happens in this life and the next, you’ll be right there beside me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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