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I am super pleased to highlight this week’s product: the AdoramaPix Layflat Album. This is the standard album offered by Kirsten Ashley Photography and boy does it pack a quality punch! The hardback covers can be custom made with photos from your session on the front/back & spine or you can opt for the traditional leather options  also available. The albums come in many sizes {6×4.5”, 6×6”, 6×7.5”, 6×9”, 8×6”, 8×8”, 8×10”, 8×12”, 10×12.5”, 10×8”, 10×10”, 12×6”, 12×9”, & 12×12”} giving an option to suite everyone’s needs. The pages of each album are printed on archival quality fade resistant photo paper in both professional lustre and HD glossy finish. Their page spreads are hinged with the signature “Leporello binding system” that allows your images to fill both pages seamlessly. I really do love the no gutter feature of a layflat album, as it makes the design possibilities endless! These beautiful handcrafted photobooks come in 14, 28, 36, 50, & 76 pages which gives an option to fit anyone’s budget!  I have photographed an example for you to see first hand that your album will be nothing short of brilliant!

Many of you aren’t aware that the layflat album is the perfect solution to many post-session dilemmas. “Really?”, you ask. Absolutely. Allow me to illuminate the possibilities…

The layflat album is the perfect answer to this situation. I will custom design your album with as many photos from your session as you need. Want all of your photos? No problem! The seamless page spreads provide a brilliant ways to display your photos large or small. I will happily work with you within the page limitations to create a memorable album of your session that you will cherish for years to come.

Over the years your family has probably accumulated a great deal of photographs. Here is my signature tip…. Every home you live in, the walls will be different, but you always have the same coffee table. If you’re anything like me, you tend to entertain in your living room which makes your coffee table your best place to display your photos. Layflat Album to the rescue! I can’t tell you how many people we’ve had leaf through our engagement album simply because it’s there and they’re curious. I am also seriously guilty of doing this in almost everyone else’s home. (:

Maybe all of your walls are already chalk full of beautiful art or photos… You’re happy with how everything looks and don’t want to re-arrange. But you’ve just had a beautiful photo session with Kirsten Ashley Photography and want to put those photos on display… The Layflat Album is the perfect solution to this predicament! Nothing makes a statement like a 12″ by 12″ album on your living room table. Interest is immediately piqued as a 12″ by 12″ book is unique, while the full page spreads equal 12″ by 24″ immediately elicit a “WOW” response.

Lucky for you, designing custom albums is one of my favorite parts of my business! After deciding on the size and paper type we will discuss color options and overall design style. When the full album design is complete, I will send you an album proof for your review. Then it’s off to the printer’s and you barely had to lift a finger!

Of course you do! It’s one of the reasons you booked your session in the first place. As a long time book lover in general nothing soothes my nostalgic soul like leafing through a photo album. Wouldn’t it be great to have one from your time in Deutschland? Photos forever freeze moments of time allowing us to look into the past whenever we like. This makes the Layflat Album the absolute best choice to keep your memories intact so you can look through them again and again.

So there you have it folks. Five reasons why the Layflat Album is the perfect way to display your images after your session! I look forward to designing YOUR album next!

Coming up next in product highlights: a break down on Canvas Wraps!




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