Monday In A Moment #33 | On Keeping Life Fresh


1 :: New Reads – This past week was the first blog post for the “Happiness Through My Eyes” blog circle featuring some seriously talented ladies! As I am still new to the concept of a blog circle I wanted to give you guys insight so you’ll understand how it works. You can start by reading my contribution on Making Macaron’s and then click on the link at the beginning or end of the blog post to follow the circle on to Louise in England. From England you go to Anna in the Netherlands, then to Rachel in Canada, Linda in New York, back to England with Rebecca, and finally to Spain with Ana. It’s fascinating to see the different shades of happiness around the globe. I feel particularly lucky to have met most of these women and share different passions with them including photography! So grab a cup of coffee and click here to catch up on the blog circle!

2 :: Freshly Scripted – I have been particularly intrigued with Instagram lately. Something about the square crop and the millions of users around the world makes my heart happy. Often I will search for new users to follow by looking up hashtags of my favorite things. Much to my excitement, I stumbled upon Design Roots a hand calligraphy company by Heather. I was delighted to find that Heather began her calligraphy career in landscape architecture {fist pump to a fellow designer!} but pen and ink seemed to trickle through everything she loved to do. I knew I had met a like minded soul when I thumbed through her calligraphy styles {which are AWESOME!}. and guess what else??? Her studio is located in Frisco, TEXAS!!!! Can you believe it?!?! If only I were home… then I could sign up to to take one of her fabulous classes. *sigh* So for all of you that live in the DFW area, keep you life fresh by taking a calligraphy class from Heather. You won’t regret it!

3 :: Market Fresh  – I’ve been hankering after fresh ingredients lately. Which basically means my kitchen is full of ingredients but no ready made food. This is inspiring and/or challenging depending on the day. Something about crisp carrots and bright green avocado makes me feel like I can conquer the world, one meal at a time. This week’s Pinterest picks are based on what you can get fresh at your local Farmer’s Market. Nothing beats local produce. Click on an image to take you to the recipe and don’t forget to follow my Yummay Board on Pinterest. 1) Rosted Cumin Lime Carrots 2) Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie 3) Roasted Cauliflower Pasta 4) Simple Spinach Frittata 5) Spinoccoli Pizza 

MARKET FRESH | roasted-cumin-lime-carrots-recipeMARKET FRESH | blueberry-green-tea-smoothie-0940MARKET FRESH | roasted cauliflower pastaMARKET FRESH | simple spinach frittataMARKET FRESH | Spinoccoli Pizza by foodiebride, via Flickr

4 :: The Forgotten Heel – I don’t know why I always forget about kitten heels. I think it’s because my first love is the stiletto sky high pump. This week I want to get a shoutout to the smaller heel by proving it can still be a bright statement to your outfit. Not to mention the fact that these heels are WAY more practical for where I live with all the cobblestone around to break your neck. I know I’m longing for spring by my color choices this week! Click on a shoe picture to take you to Nordstrom to shop online! 1) Valentino – Couture Bow Pump – $695.00 2) J. Reneé – ‘Lilliana’ Pump (Online Only) – $84.95 3) Ted Baker London – ‘Zenadia’ d’Orsay Pump – $170.00 4) Jimmy Choo – ‘Aza’ Pump – $575.00 5) Enzo Angiolini – ‘Graysn’ Pump – $109.95 6)  kate spade new york – ‘salvia’ pump – $328.00

Valentino Couture Bow PumpJ. Reneé 'Lilliana' Pump (Online Only)Ted Baker London 'Zenadia' d'Orsay PumpJimmy Choo 'Aza' PumpEnzo Angiolini 'Graysn' Pumpkate spade new york 'salvia' pump

5 :: Fresh Flowers – My Instagram obsession has also triggered me to be super inspired by flowers and foliage lately. I have always loved fresh flowers in the house, but I never wanted to set aside money to buy them every week. This year, I want it to be different. Challenge extended. The German grocery stores around here {Edeka, Globus, Penny Markt, & even Aldi’s} have cute little bouquets for no more than 2€! Pretty sure no one should pass up that deal. Having fresh flowers in the house makes the atmosphere so cheerful and happy. The blooms inspire me to get creative with vases and light. I’d say it’s an all around beneficial decision. Perhaps I could get D to bring flowers home once a month? Here’s hoping!

Thanks for coming back this week! It’s my hope that MIAM brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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