Monday in a Moment #15 | On Abidance


1 :: Abidance in Deutschland – For those of you who aren’t familiar with the word “abidance” it means to stay or reside… to endure, withstand, or sustain. I always knew that I heavily put down roots wherever I found myself but it has recently come to my attention how heavily I have nested here. With our date of leaving Germany looming a mere 10 months away, I feel as though  I am experiencing everything for the last time. Example “This is our last July in Germany….. this is the last time  I will see ‘X’ or do ‘Y’.” I’m trying not to be forlorn about it but instead take it in stride. Memories are powerful tools to mark the passage of time and I am trying with all my might to make the most of the life we have here. This doesn’t necessarily mean I will be doing more {although I’m certainly going to try!}, it means that I want to take the time to cherish the moments I have here. Life can blur by pretty quickly if you let it.

2 :: Shoes to abide by – This week my recommendations are pulling a switch to honor the men in my life. My obsession for shoes is not confined to the women’s department but shamelessly bleeds into the Men’s as well. It is my dream to buy my husband a pair of handmade Italian leather shoes. He wears a size 15 so it’s hard to find footwear in his size at the store for him to try on. Anyways, I digress. Ahem. My pick for this week is a company called Wolverine. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? If you haven’t, prepared to be wow’ed. I highlight there 1000 mile collection to go along with this week’s theme of endurance. I wish I could buy them all for D! 1) 1000 Mile Boot $355.00 2) Krause 1000 Mile Boot $555.00 3) Austen 1000 Mile Boot $445.00 4) Addison 1000 Mile Wing Tip Boot $380.00 5) Rockford Cap 1000 Mile Boot $395.00

1000 Mile BootKrause 1000 Mile BootAusten 1000 Mile LacerAddison 1000 Mile Wingtip BootRockford 1000 Mile Cap-Toe Boot

3 :: Abiding a vigorous freezing – I’ve been lazy about cooking lately. This usually happens when I am exceptionally busy. Everyone has periods of time when they live for meals they can just “grab and go”. I shamefully admit my diet has consisted of more Brownie Crunch and Lucky Charms than I’m proud of. So to inspire you {and myself!} I have found some freezable meals that will reheat in no time giving you a good meal without the cooking fuss. All of these meals {& photos!} are brought to you by 1) Florida Rock Shrimp and Bacon Casserole 2) Rigatoni With Meatballs 3) Mushroom Lasagna 4) Colombian-style Pork Empanadas 5) Pasta e Fagioli

Home Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free RecipesHome Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free RecipesHome Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free RecipesHome Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free RecipesHome Buying Help – Money Management Tools – Home Decorating Ideas – Free Recipes

4 :: Birthday Shout-outMy baby brother turns 21 this coming Sunday!!!!! PT I wish I could be there to honor 21 years of your life with you over a glass of Duvel at the Gingerman…. Celebrate well. Not a day goes by here that I don’t think of you and wish we were in the same city again.  I am so very proud of all of your accomplishments. Know that you have a ginormous cake IOU. Feel free to cash it in at any point. My life would not be the same without you in it… so thanks for being such a fantastic brother. I love you maaaaaannnnnnnn!!!!! Happy 21st Birthday!

5 :: Fine Art Prints are here to stay – This week’s gallery, to be released tomorrow is titled “Foodie”. Those of you who have known me through the years have had to put up with my cries of “Don’t eat yet!!!” as I pull out my camera to capture the perfect snapshot of your plated cuisine. While I tend to favor photographing desserts, I love all dishes equally. So here is a sneak peek of the gallery to come tomorrow! These images will be available for you to purchase through the Fine Art Prints page. Hang them in your kitchen, your dining room, even your office {although you’ll probably be really hungry all the time!}, the possibilities are endless.

That’s all for this Monday! Hope this inspired you to start your week refreshed and ready to conquer. Don’t forget to come back next week!

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