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This week the “Foodie” Fine Art Prints gallery is now open! Food photography has always been a joy of mine from the days of my cupcake business to photographing meals I make for D. To continue with the gallery opening specials, this week’s coupon code is FoodFanatic24, giving 10% off to the first 10 customers who order! These prints will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen, guaranteed to make your stomach to growl.

Below are images included in the gallery. See one you like? Click on it to go straight to the “Foodie” gallery to order your print. There are many sizes to choose from and you can also purchase frames for your prints! Your order will be shipped directly to you. Happy shopping!

If you would like to purchase an printed photo from any other post of D’s and my adventures, please contact me and let me know! I will set up a personal gallery for you to order your prints. It is my hope to provide a window to the world in your home as you hang these prints on your walls. I look forward to working with you!

Did you miss last week’s sale on Mother Nature Prints? View the blog post HERE.  There are still a few opportunities to use coupon code Back2Nature2013 and get 10% off architecture prints! To view the gallery click HERE.

Stay tuned for next week’s Fenestration Fine Art Prints. This will be the last Fine Art Print gallery to open!



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