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This post is a part of the “Home Sweet Home” series created by my fantastic international friends. The best part? You can follow the blog posts from each of us {as we have linked to each other at the end} and go all the way around the world to read about what makes each of our hometowns memorable. This month I link to Ana Quiroga who lives in Barcelona, Spain. Ana’s post are always full of the vivacious life that only Barcelona can provide! Be sure to click the link and head on over to Ana’s post after this one for a spectacular read and amazing photographs!

I have been DYING to explore downtown Abilene since we moved here in January! I have been so busy with wedding season this year that we have not been able to get out much. Which means I was extremely psyched to get the chance to walk around and photograph after church last Sunday. The most amazing thing about downtown Abilene on a Sunday? It’s a ghost town!!!! A little sad for businesses and hangry stomachs around lunch time, but it’s FANTASTIC for photographs! I can hardly wait to book a downtown urban session with a lovely couple or family…. heck a 2015/16 senior photoshoot would be so much fun!!!

I was delighted to find a coffee shop and a brewery, and while they were not open, D and I will definitely be trying them out very soon! The whole of downtown has a very art deco/art nouveau 1920s architectural style. I love the building details in the pre-cast concrete and stone. Apparently my favorite high-rise is full of loft apartments! How great would it be to live in one of those?!? *sigh* It just goes to show my passion for urban living is still alive and well.

Abliene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design Abilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & DesignAbilene Photographer | Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design

As you can see Abilene is chalk full of hidden gems like the National Children’s literature Museum, The Grace museum and so many other fun finds! I could not have asked for better lighting or prettier skies!

Be sure to hop on over to Ana’s blog next to see her view of her home away from home, Castilla and Leon. Add a comment or hit the like button to show some love!

Until May’s insight into Abilene Texas, I am wishing ya’ll a beautiful month!

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Happy Halloween everyone!!! As a treat this month’s Happiness Through My Eyes is debuting on this fantastic holiday. For those of you new to HTME, several amazingly talented photographer friends of mine have teamed up to create a blog circle posting about the happiness in our lives once a month. The fantastic part is that these ladies are literally spread out all over the world! This month I link to the fantastic Ana Quiroga in Barcelona Spain. Ana and I share a love for food, tea, and Le Creuset! She has an incredible photographer’s eye and I adore her creative style! To see her happiness this month click HERE.

I always thought birthdays were about presents and cake. Sure there was plenty of celebration involved too, but it is only later in life after marrying an incredible intelligent {albeit full of himself} man that I realized birthday celebrations could be something more. To my husband D, birthday’s are all about the experience. Anything that could give you a great story {ie:“So there was this one time in Prague when we locked ourselves in a room for an hour to see if we could escape…”} is so much more fulfilling than anything tangible. So began the tradition of celebrating birthdays with an experiential vacation.

For my birthday this year I chose Prague, a HUGE bucket list travel destination! We chose to drive the six hour journey in a rented car, stopping at Esso stations along the way through Germany to get gas. I was all kinds of excited as neither of us had been this far east. D had done spectacular research on things to do, architecture to see, and restaurants/bars to stop and replenish our energy. So I came up with the top ten reasons to visit Prague to share with you this October! There was definitely an abundance of happiness to be had on this fantastic vacation!

I’m really not sure how we managed it, but our Air B&B apartment accommodations were one street over from the Rodeo Drive of Prague. Out my front door and down the street was a five star hotel with a five star heated parking garage {complete with a car wash!}. My jaw hit the pavement strolling past Tiffany’s, Gucci, Fendi, Jimmy Choo {shoes!!!}, Hermes, and La Perla, just to name a few! There was a moment where I cursed my suitcase and everything in it because I knew whatever I wore, I’d look like a hobo in any of these stores. I went inside a few, determined to ignore the disapproving sneers at the holes in my comfy flats and my north face rain jacket. While I was unsuccessful at beating back the stares, the shopping was glorious. So many beautiful things, even if you just walk past the windows!

The most quoted phrase from my husband on the trip was “The Eastern block this…..” and “The Eastern block that….” or “Welcome to the Eastern Block….” which was soon shortened to “The EB”. The culture of Prague is unlike anything I have encountered yet on my travels. The language for starters is fascinating. It has been a long time since I visited a country where I had trouble pronouncing “Hi” and “Thank You”, much less remembering them. Also the currency made me feel like I was spending thousands and thousands of dollars… as one hundred Czech Krone {100 Kč} = $4.58. So I’m pulling out 1000 Kč bills from the ATM feeling like I’m draining my bank account only to do the math and find out that the equivalent is about $46. Ha! Definitely an awesome part of the adventure.

Dude, Prague is OLD…. Like amaze-balls old. Prague was founded in the 8th Century by Libuše and her husband, Přemysl, founder of the Přemyslid dynasty. During the 14th century, the Holy Roman Emporer Charles IV reigned until 1378. My brain explodes at the thought of how much history this city contains. How many souls wandered these streets and the stories they could tell…. The Czech Republic {formerly Czechoslovakia} has been a crucial territory during both World Wars, the Cold War, and the Velvet Revolution suffering from destruction and bombings and bloodshed. I was amazed to see how much beauty the city still holds, as the major landmarks seem untouched, simply weathered by time. If you are at all a history buff, the city is your ticket to historical paradise.

Enter the best bar experience OF MY LIFE. Folks who know me are aware of how fancy pants I am when it comes to cooking and tending bar. Nothing ordinary for this girl, only complicated drinks like lavender martinis, vanilla passions, cherry chocolate bourbon soda, and tangerine gimlets strike my fancy. I have often thought, “If only there was a bar that served ONLY fancy pants drinks. Where nothing is ever simple, and flavors run wild.”. Well, I am ecstatic to tell you that my dear sweet husband found the bar of my dreams. The Hemingway Bar sits one block off the river near the Charles Bridge. You have to make reservations in order to get in, and I high recommend that you sit at the bar to witness the most incredible mixology/bar service of your life. Right away I was tipped off to the stellar branding as we sat at the bar noting their slogan “Fine Mixology and Luxury Spirits”. Simple, timeless, & classic. The staff is all male dressed in slacks collard shirts and suspenders. They all have an air of 1920’s speak easy charm. I had died and heaven is really a bar…..

Our bartender, Peter, is simply the best. Menus were brandished seemingly out of no where upon our arrival as we were greeted and helped into our seats. My first drink was the ELIZABETH HADLEY RICHARDSON which contains the following: El Dorado 12 years old rum, Sandeman Port Tawny, Creme de Griottes chocolat from Gabriel Boudier, star anise tincture, and spray of Xante, paired with a chocolate chip cake for tasting in it’s own mini cake plate complete with glass cover. I was floored. I didn’t know ANY of these ingredients. Watching Peter work his magic was like watching a mad scientist chemist. The drinks were mixed in beakers or shakers of various sizes. Flavors and alcohol were added in different size pony & jiggers or eye droppers or spray bottles. Cocktails were stirred with long swivel spoons and various size ice cubes, every one tasted by Peter himself before it was served to ensure quality. Each signature cocktail had it’s own particular glass, and garnish. It was the most elaborate display of mixology I had ever seen. Watching him shake the drinks was my favorite part, as he had a style and flair all his own.

The Hemingway even does a special presentation on absinth as they stock 43 different kinds from several countries. Their bar stock alone is enough to make anyone’s mouth hang open agape. They stock over 200 rum varieties, 16 types of gin, 14 types of vodka, 15 different tequilas, 14 blended scotch whiskeys, 62 whiskeys separated by country and region, a variety of vermoths, bitters, ports, and the most impressive champagne list I have born witness to. Did I mention you can also order cigars in the smoking section downstairs?

So if you should find yourself in Prague, The Hemingway Bar is a MUST EXPERIENCE. Every drink we ordered was fabulous and watching Peter mix the cocktails was even more enticing. He even made me my own signature cocktail based on my pallet preferences! We were sad to leave knowing we would never have another bar experience like this one ever again. I give five starts to this bar for achieving high class atmosphere and first class drinks.

Oh the doors. They speak for themselves, literally. With so much decor and detail I was able to add at least a dozen or so to my fenestrations collection! Some of the more ornate doors guarded embassies while others welcomed individuals into places of worship. There were so many that I could hardly put my camera away before spotting another one and pulling it all back out again!

D is also a huge fan of puzzles. He is always playing logic games and I envy his ability to think outside the box. He found the Mind Maze and it was one of the most fun experience I have ever had on a vacation! Mind Maze is a live action adventure game where you are locked in a room for 60 minutes. Using only your brain to solve logic puzzles and find clues the goal is to find your way out of the room in the allotted hour. D and I thought it would be the ultimate team building experience….. and how right we were! We chose to do the alchemist’s chamber mind maze, which looked like something out of Harry Potter. I am proud to say that we were able to find our way out of the room in the given amount of time! We worked well together and he figured out some bits and I figured out others. I’ll admit I was really nervous that he would figure everything out first and I’d be standing there gawking at his brilliance. Parts of the maze were super challenging and once we figured things out there were many times where we felt stupid and had the “ohmigosh DUH!” moments. If you like to solve riddles and puzzles, this is another MUST DO activity while staying in Prague. D and I left the Mind Maze on an adrenaline high that lasted us the rest of the day!

I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to give anything away to future players. Be sure to make reservations in advance. The maze can be played in a group of two to five people. The staff is super nice and they will give you hints over a walkie talkie if you get stuck and need help. Are you game?

While in Prague, be sure to walk across the bridge up to the Prague castle. The castle really isn’t much other than it’s a rather large complex with gardens all around, but the view down on the city is well worth the hike. My breath caught in my throat upon first glimpse of the marvelous city of spires. Also, the walk along the river is quite scenic offering different vistas along each side of the valley.

I definitely experience some of the best meals of my life while on this vacation. I have to hand it to my husband as he did the research knowing that I like fancy pants cuisine way more than I enjoy fancy pants cocktails. Most of these evenings I left my camera at home to enjoy the meals without the added pressure of photographing everything and worry about poor lighting. The following two restaurants were my favorite and I will explain each in turn.

LA VERANDA – Elišky Krásnohorské 10/2, 110 00 Praha-Josefov, Czech Republic +420 224 814 733
AH-mazing food. The best quail and pumpkin risotto I have ever tasted in my life. This restaurant is Michelin rated with an excellent wine list. Their dessert menu is also to die for. It has a cozy atmosphere and be sure to sit upstairs if you can. It also happened to be right next door to our apartment. Score!

GRAND CRU RESTAURANT & BAR – Lodecká 1181/4, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město, Czech Republic +420 775 044 076
Best meal of my LIFE. Astonishing French cusine served only they way the French can. I had the largest Halibut steak I have ever seen. My husbands lamb with fig was melt in your mouth scintillating! This restaurant is known for its wine stock {over 1000 different kinds!} so we had a wine pairing with every course. These paired wines were absolutely outstanding! I highly recommend getting the cheese course before your dessert. And as always, NEVER pass up a French dessert! Their resident sommelier was extremely informative and knowledgeable about every wine that was served at our table that night. We could have stayed at this restaurant forever with its warm glow and insatiable aromas! As this place is extremely sought after, call in advance to make a reservation to be sure you get a seat!

There were many other amazing places we ate along with food from street vendors and local bakeries! A Czech bakery is a must for breakfast with their delightful Turkish coffee and kolaches!

Prague is a city of architectural wonders…. One that practically rivals Paris in it’s ornate Renaissance / Baroque styles. The you have modern marvels like the “Dancing House” by renown architect Frank Gehry, that leave you breathless in awe. There is more of a juxtaposition of styles in this lovely city of spires. Every where you look there is grandeur, everything you see has such exquisite detail that you find your self staring unabashedly. I was also quite fond of the colors that adorned the buildings and rooftops in Prague, as the palette is unlike any other. Boulevard upon boulevard of tall hand carved town-homes…. almost too much beauty to take in at once!

All I wanted for my birthday was to have an iconic shot of the Charles Bridge that I took myself. In true pro photographer form, D and I got up at 5:30 AM to make our way to the bridge. I could scarcely believe how empty it was! This particular tourists attraction is usually packed with people and street vendors alike which makes it practically impossible to get a clear shot during the day. It was so peaceful in the wee hours of the morning, just me, D, and the bridge {plus or minus a few other photogs}. I was super excited to shoot while manually focusing as the light was too dim for auto focus. It was such a dream to get the shots I wanted! If you are a photographer and are looking to get this shot, getting up early is the only way to do it!

Don’t forget to follow the blog circle around the world! Visit Ana’s blog in Barcelona and see her happiness HERE.

Until next month’s happiness… Wishing everyone a lovely November and Happy Halloween!

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1 :: Wedding Season is Upon Us – Everyone I know in the bridal industry is already stretching their muscles for the long sprint to the end of summer as wedding season has begun! My instagram feed is full of flower arrangments, dresses, photographers, and venues alike. As I was a June bride myself, I get giddy when I think of other girls planning their own special day. Yes, if you’re a control freak like me if you try to do too much it does feel overwhelming. My biggest advice is to outsource anything and everything you can to people you trust with tasks that suit their strengths. Utilize your bridal party and close family and friends that you know will be in attendance. Trust me, the last thing you want to be worrying about as you enter your reception is “Where did the straight glass vases for the bridesmaids bouquets disappear to?” while your brand new husband is desperately trying to get you to forget about it and look at all the joy around you. So tuck in as I highlight some of my wedding favorites this year!

2 :: THE shoes – If you love shoes and your wedding footwear is to be the creme de la creme, then shopping the Nordstrom bridal boutique is for you! My jaw dropped as I scrolled through the options. Whatever your price range, from Manolo Blaniks to Nina, they have you covered. I could easily recommend beautiful magical stiletto heels, but this week I am going to recommend options for the outdoor bride. Having that stiletto ruined in mud and grass is NOT ideal, so lets look at some other possibilities shall we? If you do go with heels, Nordstrom makes these handy dandy “heel protectors” in a variety of colors so that those points don’t sink into the ground. GENIUS. Click on a shoe to take you shopping at Nordstrom & Etsy! 1) David Tutera – ‘Blue’ Wedge – $118.95 2) Etsy – Navy Blue Wedding Shoes/Ballet Flats with Ivory Lace – $67.00 3) Sarah Jessica Parker – ‘Bobbie’ Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive) – $365.00 4) Betsey Johnson – Blue ‘Gown’ Sandal – Was: $129.95 SALE: $97.46 5) Jimmy Choo – ‘Kole’ Sandal – $1,595.00 6) Nina – ‘Emma’ Crystal Embellished Ankle Strap Pump (Online Exclusive) – $118.95 7) David Tutera – ‘Winter’ Wedge Sandal (Online Only) – $164.95

David Tutera 'Blue' WedgeSJP 'Bobbie' Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive)Blue by Betsey Johnson 'Gown' SandalJimmy Choo 'Kole' SandalNina 'Emma' Crystal Embellished Ankle Strap Pump (Online Exclusive) | NordstromDavid Tutera 'Winter' Wedge Sandal (Online Only) | Nordstrom

3 :: just CAKE – OMG, the cake. Seriously it’s my favorite part about any wedding. I say, try to do what you can to have an outstanding tasting cake that also looks beautiful {trust me your guests will thank you}. Sounds impossible right? Not so much. Do you due diligence with cake tastings. Do you research and find vendors in your area that have what you are looking for and make an appointment. Destination wedding? I highly recommend you plan a trip to the location just to do vendor recon. Have family in the area with great taste palettes? Fantastic. Have them  attend your cake tasting appointment for you. Trust me, they won’t mind, for who doesn’t love free cake? I’ll have you know that my father and brother did my cake tasting for me and managed to locate the BEST vendor in town that suited my needs. When I was able to come home from Germany, we went back to discuss the final details such as flavors and design. So here are my top cake design picks for this wedding season!

Beautiful lace wedding cake by Cotton and CrumbsLace Wedding cake from Layered Bake Shop McKinney Texas!Vintage bird cakeRomantic creation ~ Cake Design: Cotton and CrumbsSouthern Belle inspired #wedding cake ~ Kelsea Holder Photography, Zest it Up Events | bellethemagazine.comPink + Gold Flowers

4 :: Custom Wedding Calligraphy Addressing – You are in luck! Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design now does custom wedding calligraphy addressing! From outer envelopes, to inner envelopes, to menu’s, to place cards. The sky’s the limit on ink and envelope color combinations! Contact me to chat about what I can do to make the day you say “I do!” customized and lovely!

Custom Wedding Calligraphy | Kirsten Ashley Photography

5 :: Stay Organized – Just another tip… stay as organized as possible. Newly engaged? March your cute butt down to an office supply store and pick up a binder and a set of twelve tabs. Choose the things that are the most important to you, your main priorities. Where do you want to spend the bulk of your budget? These categories get a tab of their own. Here was my list: Chapel {or church}, Reception, Cake, Shoes, Dress, Flowers, Photography, Invitations, Save-the-Dates, Rehearsal Dinner, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Transportation, & Honeymoon. Also, utilize Pinterest!!!!! This social media platform has revolutionized the way brides can view the vendors in the wedding industry. Binders not your thing? Create a board for every high priority topic and pin your little heart out. Need insipiration? My wedding boards are still up and running… feel free to take a look! Wedding Colors | Wedding Hair | My Shoe Obsession | Reception Decor | Just Cake | His Ring | Bridesmaid Dresses | Bouquets/Boutineer

6 :: Free Shipping on Prints & Canvas – This week from April 21th – 23rd {Today through Wednesday} Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design is having a Free Shipping Flash Sale on all prints and canvas. Have you have a session with Kirsten Ashley Photography? This free shipping offer applies to you! Simply access your private gallery via the client page and add prints and/or canvas to your shopping cart. There is no coupon code necessary. If you spend a minimum of $15 on an order you will receive free shipping at the checkout! This free shipping offer also applies to the Fine Art Print categories : Mother Nature, Foodie, Architecture, Adventures & Fenestrations. Get in on this free shipping offer before it ends on Wednesday!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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1 :: Keeping it Fresh – Inspired by last week’s Monday in a Moment, this week’s will have the same content in the same format, just coming at you from a different angle. This week managed to get super busy over night with custom design work, picking up a friend at the airport, tax appointments {UGH.}, and prepping for next week’s “Happiness Through my Eyes” blog post on…. CALLIGRAPHY! Woo hoo! I know I can’t wait. In the meantime, however, prayers go out to everyone this week with a loaded to-do list! May we all accomplish everything that NEEDS to be done, without sweating the small stuff.

2 :: Walkin’ Shoes – Traveling season is coming soon and I definitely need comfy pair of shoes that are also a little chic. Mostly so I don’t look American as we’re taking our round the world adventures. You can always tell where someone is from by looking at their shoes. Crazy huh? So my shoe picks this week are built for travel and TONS of walking. Enjoy! Note: these shoes are brought to you by Deichmann in Germany so the prices are in Euro. Click on a shoe to take you to Deichmann’s website! 1) Graceland Sports Ballerina – € 19.90 2) Puma Ballerina – € 34.90 3) adidas neo label Ballerina – € 49.90 4) Blue Fin Ballerina – € 12.90 5) Blue Fin Ballerina – € 19.90 6) Fila Ballerina – € 29.90

Graceland Sports Ballerina | € 19.90Puma Ballerina | € 34.90adidas neo label Ballerina | € 49.90Blue Fin Ballerina € 12.90Blue Fin Ballerina € 19.90Fila Ballerina | € 29.90

3 :: Cooking Mags – When I was a little girl, my mother used to have subscriptions to several of the best cooking magazine’s out there. She and I both used to get SO excited when one would come in the mail that we’d pour over it together and decide which meals to make for dinner for the next several weeks. It was like getting a food package in the mail every month! With their handy dandy techniques, easy weeknight meals, and unique culinary wares, I would literally read from cover to cover. So this week instead of highlighting my pinterest picks, I’m introducing you to my other favorite way to meal plan… from a cooking magazine. Most of these are fairly inexpensive for what you’re getting. Try one! You won’t regret it! Click on a magazine to take you to their website.

1) Fine Cooking |  $29.95 per year – Magazine + Digital {iphone + ipad versions} – This is my FAVORITE magazine. It’s a little fancy pants… but completely worth it! Also their food photography is out of this world!
2) Cuisine At Home | $28.00 for TWO years & back issues available online – This one is my second favorite. The recipes are a much more practical and there is a photo for EVERY recipe. They also have great step by step instructions and easy week night meal section.
3) Bon Appetit | $38.00 for 1 year OR $19.99 for 1 year of DIGITAL {iphone & ipad version} – This magazine is delightful! Also a little fancy pants, but the graphics and art are enticing even if the recipes are definitely on the advanced side.
4) Cooks Illustrated | $24.95 for 1 year & No advertisements – I think this one is my third favorite. If you know nothing about the science of cooking and want to learn why putting this exact amount of baking powder + eggs makes pancakes fluffy then this is the magazine for you. Highly detailed explanations go into why and how each recipe was created. Tests upon tests were churned out to create the quintessential perfect recipe for every recipe in the magazine! I learned so much from Cooks Illustrated.
5) Cooking Light | $24.00 for TWO years – A little on the cheaper side, Cooking Light is good, but it was always my least favorite. If you like recipes + ways to stay healthy + articles + lots of ads then this magazine is for you. Back in the day, there wasn’t a photo for every recipe {a MUST for me} so I would get bored flipping through the pages of text. BUT- my favorite chili recipe of all time came from this magazine, so don’t write it off completely!

Fine Cooking Magainze | $29.95 per year | Magazine + Digital {iphone + ipad versions}Cuisine at Home Magazine | $28.00 for TWO years | back issues available onlineBon Appetit Magazine | $38.00 for 1 year OR $19.99 for 1 year of DIGITAL {iphone & ipad version}.Cooks Illustrated Magazine | $24.95 for 1 year | No advertisementsCooking Light Magazine | $24.00 for TWO years

4 :: Instagram pick of the week – Say hello to @Laurenessl with Blue Eye Brown Eye! Located in my favorite state TEXAS out of lovely Fort worth, Lauren will add some sparkle and pizzazz to your instagram feed! Her company {named after her adorable pooch!} is chalk full of calligraphy, calligraphy classes, & design! I absolutely love the full-of-life feeling you get from her images. Lauren’s work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Oh So Beautiful Paper,  The Wedding Chicks, & Green Wedding Shoes! Talk about talent! Be sure to check out her awesome website & follow her  work on her blog. If you’re near Forth Worth, be sure to check out her beginners and advanced calligraphy classes! Wish I was at home, as I’d totally sign up for one myself!

5 :: Ostereiermärkte – This past weekend D and I decided we hadn’t done anything local in a while. There was an Ostereiermärkte going on in Siegelbach near Kaiserslautern. “What is that?” you ask? Oh it’s just German for an Easter Egg Market. I plan to do an additional blog post on this event, but here in Germany they have the tradition of hanging decorated eggs from the spring tree branches outside. I could not believe the beautiful eggs on display at the event in Siegelbach. It was such a lovely tradition. I met so many interesting talented Germans!  This image is one of many more to come.

Ostereiermärkte | Easter Egg Market | Kirsten Ashley Photography

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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It was seriously a great year. In fact I’m kind of in awe of everything 2013 managed to pack in. Living an Air Force life, the years seem to alternate…. this year we didn’t have to move…. and although D deployed, it was a short one. I have also struggled to find a word to describe my inward need to see different places in the world. Your first suggestion is “Wanderlust” right? Well, that’s not quite it as I have extremely strong ties to home. The Websters definition of wanderlust is : strong longing for or impulse toward wandering. I don’t have an impulse to wander. I have an impulse to see and do and be…. in as many parts of the world as possible all the while coming back with an overwhelming joy to be home. I’m the quintessential definition of a travel-lusting yo-yo. Zinging to a destination and always being pulled back where I belong. But I digress…. I visited more places this year than I could have ever hoped for.. and I am sincerely grateful. I thought I’d put together some of my favorite shots from the year combined. Enjoy!

As 2014 begins, it’s incredible to have this collage to look back on. It inspires me to “adventure-on” this year… That whole never leaving home without your camera thing? Totally worth it. Thanks for walking though this glimpse with me and I hope to be able to shoot just as many interesting things for this year!






That’s right folks! This week’s Monday in a Moment is completely dedicated to the Cyber Monday shoppers! So many of you are probably wondering what this coupon means…. I am happy to announce that the savings are TWO FOLD!

1 :: 30% OFF Fine Art Prints & Canvas – Click on this link to view all of the FINE ART PRINTS available for purchase or you can click on a category to view the individual galleries. The categories are: Foodie, Adventures, Architecture, Mother Nature & introducing the NEW Fenestrations category! See an image you like? Add it to your cart! You can also select how your photo is cropped by clicking on the “Preview & Configure” link in the Confirmation window. Don’t forget to type in the coupon code: kapcybermon13 at the end of the checkout for 30% savings!

2 :: 30% OFF Prints & Canvas for Past Clients – Have you had a session with Kirsten Ashley Photography in the past year? You can order prints & canvas at 30% off using the same coupon code: kapcybermon13! Simply access your session’s private gallery with your password and add the items to your shopping cart you wish to purchase. Then enter the coupon code at the end of your checkout! This offer only happens once a year so take advantage of the one day only sale!

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! I hope that you all get a chance to spend time with family and friends. Enjoy those moments as they are so very precious. I also wanted to let you know that due to the holidays and hosting company {Hi Chelsea & Worth!!!!!!} my blogging will be intermittent until after the new year. I have big plans for Kirsten Ashley Photography for 2014, so stay tuned!

Thanks for coming back this week! It’s my hope that MIAM brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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1 :: Seeing Life in a New Light – This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Amsterdam with the lovely ladies of the Clickin’ Mom’s of Europe. I made some incredibly talented new friends who are chalk full of passion, kindness and creativity. Of course there is nothing like getting together with a bunch of like minded individuals who want to do nothing but take photos. It was probably one of the most amazing trips I have taken yet. I make no promises as to when I’ll get a chance to edit the rest of the photos, but I wanted to share a handful with you today. A gigantic thank you to Anna Francken for planning everything, and a shout out to Claire Lane, Ana Quiroga, & Linda Berglund — it was so marvelous to get a chance to meet you all!!!

2 :: Revitalize Your Feet – Walking around Amsterdam all weekend long made me think about shoes and how uncomfortable they can be. I also tend to write about shoes that are beautiful to look at, but after you have worn them your feet are permanently damaged. So this week’s picks are all about comfort and what’s good for the “sole”. 1) Sanuk – Cabrio $55.00 SALE $43.99 2) Me Too – Adam Tucker Me Too Slip-On $89.95 3) French Sole – Sloop $84.99 4) Salvatore Ferragamo – Varina $450.00 5) J CREW – Viv Patent Flats $188.00


3 :: Just Push Blend – Also on the trip this weekend, Ana asked me if I had ever heard of a Thermomix. My family has a Vitamix which I thought was the most amazing kitchen appliance known to man. Apparently, I was mistaken. This handy dandy gadget can chop, beat, mix, emulsify, mill, knead, blend, cook, stir, steam, weigh & melt! Talk about everything and the kitchen sink! I want one in my kitchen um, yesterday…. and with the experience of the Vitamix, I know it will pay for itself so many times over. I am thinking about having an at home demonstration… would anyone be interested in seeing this contraption live?



Thanks for tuning in this week! I hope this helped you beat your “case of the Monday’s” and feel inspired for the week!

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July 23, 2013

That’s right folks! This week the Architecture Gallery is officially open for you to purchase prints! This particular category is near and dear to my heart due to my architecture background. I have seen some fabulous architectural examples during my travels with my husband. I still can’t get over the beauty of a castle in real life. The fact that the town I live in has a castle I can see from my balcony never gets old. So if you are looking to decorate your home with worldly architectural prints, you’ve come to the right place!

I am offering 10% off to the first 10 people who place an order for architectural prints! This week’s coupon code is: LoveArchPrints13. You can enter this code during the payment phase of your checkout!

Below is a sample of images that the gallery contains. See an image you like? Click on it and you will be taken straight to the gallery to purchase a print! I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!

If you would like to purchase an printed photo from any other post of D’s and my adventures, please contact me and let me know! I will set up a personal gallery for you to order your prints. It is my hope to provide a window to the world in your home as you hang these prints on your walls. I look forward to working with you!

Did you miss last week’s sale on Adventure Prints? View the blog post HERE.  There are still a few opportunities to use coupon code KAPAdventure2013 and get 10% off adventure prints! To view the gallery click HERE.

Stay tuned for next week’s Mother Nature Fine Art Prints!




Once upon a time, in a country across the ocean from home, I wished for a camera. I dreamed of photographing shy smiles, bright futures, hands held, and lives colliding. I have seen and admired so many photographers wondering if I would ever get my chance to pursue the hobby that delighted me in a professional manner. It is with great expectations coupled with inspired hope that I introduce Kirsten Ashley Photography to you.



This company is based primarily on lifestyle photography. I want to capture you in your everyday moments with your children, your spouse, or just you! I take great pride in providing a product that will remain timeless in addition to being precious. Photographs can last a lifetime, freezing your children at that priceless age for you to enjoy.

Please contact me for more information about booking your session! I look forward to working with you!

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