Monday In A Moment #40 | On Switching It Up


1 :: Keeping it Fresh – Inspired by last week’s Monday in a Moment, this week’s will have the same content in the same format, just coming at you from a different angle. This week managed to get super busy over night with custom design work, picking up a friend at the airport, tax appointments {UGH.}, and prepping for next week’s “Happiness Through my Eyes” blog post on…. CALLIGRAPHY! Woo hoo! I know I can’t wait. In the meantime, however, prayers go out to everyone this week with a loaded to-do list! May we all accomplish everything that NEEDS to be done, without sweating the small stuff.

2 :: Walkin’ Shoes – Traveling season is coming soon and I definitely need comfy pair of shoes that are also a little chic. Mostly so I don’t look American as we’re taking our round the world adventures. You can always tell where someone is from by looking at their shoes. Crazy huh? So my shoe picks this week are built for travel and TONS of walking. Enjoy! Note: these shoes are brought to you by Deichmann in Germany so the prices are in Euro. Click on a shoe to take you to Deichmann’s website! 1) Graceland Sports Ballerina – € 19.90 2) Puma Ballerina – € 34.90 3) adidas neo label Ballerina – € 49.90 4) Blue Fin Ballerina – € 12.90 5) Blue Fin Ballerina – € 19.90 6) Fila Ballerina – € 29.90

Graceland Sports Ballerina | € 19.90Puma Ballerina | € 34.90adidas neo label Ballerina | € 49.90Blue Fin Ballerina € 12.90Blue Fin Ballerina € 19.90Fila Ballerina | € 29.90

3 :: Cooking Mags – When I was a little girl, my mother used to have subscriptions to several of the best cooking magazine’s out there. She and I both used to get SO excited when one would come in the mail that we’d pour over it together and decide which meals to make for dinner for the next several weeks. It was like getting a food package in the mail every month! With their handy dandy techniques, easy weeknight meals, and unique culinary wares, I would literally read from cover to cover. So this week instead of highlighting my pinterest picks, I’m introducing you to my other favorite way to meal plan… from a cooking magazine. Most of these are fairly inexpensive for what you’re getting. Try one! You won’t regret it! Click on a magazine to take you to their website.

1) Fine Cooking |  $29.95 per year – Magazine + Digital {iphone + ipad versions} – This is my FAVORITE magazine. It’s a little fancy pants… but completely worth it! Also their food photography is out of this world!
2) Cuisine At Home | $28.00 for TWO years & back issues available online – This one is my second favorite. The recipes are a much more practical and there is a photo for EVERY recipe. They also have great step by step instructions and easy week night meal section.
3) Bon Appetit | $38.00 for 1 year OR $19.99 for 1 year of DIGITAL {iphone & ipad version} – This magazine is delightful! Also a little fancy pants, but the graphics and art are enticing even if the recipes are definitely on the advanced side.
4) Cooks Illustrated | $24.95 for 1 year & No advertisements – I think this one is my third favorite. If you know nothing about the science of cooking and want to learn why putting this exact amount of baking powder + eggs makes pancakes fluffy then this is the magazine for you. Highly detailed explanations go into why and how each recipe was created. Tests upon tests were churned out to create the quintessential perfect recipe for every recipe in the magazine! I learned so much from Cooks Illustrated.
5) Cooking Light | $24.00 for TWO years – A little on the cheaper side, Cooking Light is good, but it was always my least favorite. If you like recipes + ways to stay healthy + articles + lots of ads then this magazine is for you. Back in the day, there wasn’t a photo for every recipe {a MUST for me} so I would get bored flipping through the pages of text. BUT- my favorite chili recipe of all time came from this magazine, so don’t write it off completely!

Fine Cooking Magainze | $29.95 per year | Magazine + Digital {iphone + ipad versions}Cuisine at Home Magazine | $28.00 for TWO years | back issues available onlineBon Appetit Magazine | $38.00 for 1 year OR $19.99 for 1 year of DIGITAL {iphone & ipad version}.Cooks Illustrated Magazine | $24.95 for 1 year | No advertisementsCooking Light Magazine | $24.00 for TWO years

4 :: Instagram pick of the week – Say hello to @Laurenessl with Blue Eye Brown Eye! Located in my favorite state TEXAS out of lovely Fort worth, Lauren will add some sparkle and pizzazz to your instagram feed! Her company {named after her adorable pooch!} is chalk full of calligraphy, calligraphy classes, & design! I absolutely love the full-of-life feeling you get from her images. Lauren’s work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Oh So Beautiful Paper,  The Wedding Chicks, & Green Wedding Shoes! Talk about talent! Be sure to check out her awesome website & follow her  work on her blog. If you’re near Forth Worth, be sure to check out her beginners and advanced calligraphy classes! Wish I was at home, as I’d totally sign up for one myself!

5 :: Ostereiermärkte – This past weekend D and I decided we hadn’t done anything local in a while. There was an Ostereiermärkte going on in Siegelbach near Kaiserslautern. “What is that?” you ask? Oh it’s just German for an Easter Egg Market. I plan to do an additional blog post on this event, but here in Germany they have the tradition of hanging decorated eggs from the spring tree branches outside. I could not believe the beautiful eggs on display at the event in Siegelbach. It was such a lovely tradition. I met so many interesting talented Germans!  This image is one of many more to come.

Ostereiermärkte | Easter Egg Market | Kirsten Ashley Photography

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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