The Best of 2013 | World Adventures

It was seriously a great year. In fact I’m kind of in awe of everything 2013 managed to pack in. Living an Air Force life, the years seem to alternate…. this year we didn’t have to move…. and although D deployed, it was a short one. I have also struggled to find a word to describe my inward need to see different places in the world. Your first suggestion is “Wanderlust” right? Well, that’s not quite it as I have extremely strong ties to home. The Websters definition of wanderlust is : strong longing for or impulse toward wandering. I don’t have an impulse to wander. I have an impulse to see and do and be…. in as many parts of the world as possible all the while coming back with an overwhelming joy to be home. I’m the quintessential definition of a travel-lusting yo-yo. Zinging to a destination and always being pulled back where I belong. But I digress…. I visited more places this year than I could have ever hoped for.. and I am sincerely grateful. I thought I’d put together some of my favorite shots from the year combined. Enjoy!

As 2014 begins, it’s incredible to have this collage to look back on. It inspires me to “adventure-on” this year… That whole never leaving home without your camera thing? Totally worth it. Thanks for walking though this glimpse with me and I hope to be able to shoot just as many interesting things for this year!




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