Strawberry Fields Forever | Food Photography

When I was a little girl, my father used to grow strawberries in his massive garden. It was by far the coolest thing to play in the sandbox, get hungry for a snack, and march over to choose my garden fare. That being said I have always had a soft spot for fresh strawberries. To my delight, Landstuhl has a strawberry patch near Toom that I have always driven past, but was never sure when the season started. One night after a manual car driving lesson, Amy Hopkins mentioned that the stand is now open, and she promptly invited me to join them the next morning.

I forget how rewarding it can be to get up early and accomplish impossible things before breakfast. It was a surprisingly warm morning for Germany, especially recently… but the sun was out, so I wasn’t about to complain! The Erdbeerland farm is located right across the street from Toom on the same side as the Tennis Club. This place has my vote for the best strawberries. I could not get over how many there were! Rows and rows with bushes chalk full of delicious red strawberries! Word of advice, bring your own bucket. They sell the berries by the kilogram and the bigger your container, the more you can take home! They have 1kg boxes for your use if you forget and they only charge 3 euro per kg! That’s a better price than at the commissary half the time! They also sell strawberry wine and champagne that you can take home. I can’t speak for the wine, but the champagne was absolutely delightful!

I picked myself a kg full of ripe berries and bought two bottles of champagne. I was delighted to have the company of Amy’s girls at my side. Kassie’s hat was so fantastic. The strawberries were some of the most flavorful I have ever had. You are totally allowed to eat to your hearts content while picking {my favorite part!}. I went to visit the Aiduk girls later that day so I brought the strawberries with me to serve as a snack. Each little miss got their own bowl FULL of strawberries! The were beside themselves with excitement. It’s the small things in life that become the most treasured. I had a blast with a food photoshoot using more of our wedding gifts as props. So the next chance you get, go pick some strawberries! A huge thanks to Erdbeerland Ernst & Funck for letting me photograph the experience! Visit their website to see all of their locations and recipes, but be forewarned– it’s all in Deutsche!

That’s all for today! Wishing everyone a marvelous Wednesday!!!


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