Monday In A Moment #46 | Like Ships in the Night


1 :: Keep Passing Me By – I am deep in the throes of a different kind of season… With D in ALS we have transitioned into a different lifestyle that literally makes us passing ships in each other’s day. He comes home with homework and various other activities that require lots and LOTS of time. I’m sure alot of you can relate… it’s as if he’s gone back to school while working an eight to five job. I also want to iterate that this schedule, while intense and different, is completely 100% okay. I’m just adjusting…. trying to handle the change that so violently storms into my life way more often than I would like. The good news {or maybe not so good?} is that I get to become a work-a-holic again! Plenty of time to build the brands of From Jens Lens and Sarah Kay Ndjerarou! There are so many exciting things in store for KAPD by the end of this summer and I can hardly wait to share it all with you! But for now, D and I take time for each other when we can, but spend most of the time going full speed ahead on our individual endeavors. This is sort of a reminder to myself that while this season will be exhausting and most of the time won’t make a lick of sense, it has a purpose and will all work out in the end. Cheers to all of you out there who know exactly what I’m talking about.

2 :: Passion for Glass – You’d think that with the curse that has been permanently cast upon my kitchen to shatter any glass that dares to enter, I would shy away from making any new purchases in the glassware department. WRONG. I have a ridiculous obsession with everything Crate & Barrel. It’s like they can hear my soul craving for designer dinnerware to set a pretty table or photograph awesome food. Lately their glassware has been blowing my mind with so much awesome I just had to share. Are you excited? Because I sure am! 1) Salud Azul Glasses – $6.95 – $7.95 ea 2) Greet Bar Glass – $9.95 ea 3) Pino IVV Double Old-Fashioned Glass $9.95 ea 4) Welcome Blue Double Old-Fashioned Glass – SALE $5.97 ORIG $10.95 5) Mingle Bar Glass – $9.95 ea

Salud Azul GlassesGreet Bar GlassWelcome Blue Double Old-Fashioned GlassMingle Bar Glass

3 :: Blush & Champagne – Two of my favorite colors bring you this week’s shoe picks. I blame the wedding season brain… but there are some great new styles out at Nordstrom! Click an image to take you shopping online. Don’t forget to follow me and all of my shoe picks Click to Follow! ! 1) Sam Edelman – ‘Alysia’ Bootie Sandal – $129.95 2) Rollie – Derby Oxford – $99.95 3) Sole Society – Julianne Hough for Sole Society ‘Olyvia’ Pointed Toe Pump – $64.95 4) Klub Nico – ‘Moxie’ Sandal – $224.95 5) Klub Nico – ‘Jede’ Sandal – $168.95 6) Tory Burch – ‘Violet’ Metallic Leather Thong Sandal – $225.00

Sam Edelman 'Alysia' Bootie Sandal | NordstromRollie Derby Oxford | NordstromJulianne Hough for Sole Society 'Olyvia' Pointed Toe Pump | NordstromKlub Nico 'Moxie' Sandal | NordstromKlub Nico 'Jede' Sandal | NordstromTory Burch 'Violet' Metallic Leather Thong Sandal | Nordstrom

4 :: Social Media Recap – Because Facebook has gone all selfish-selfserving-corporate on us only showing my posts to 2-3% of you super awesome fans, I thought it’d be beneficial to have a social media recap each week on Monday in a Moment so that you don’t miss anything going on here at KAPD! Here are last week’s images!

Kirsten Ashley PhotographyKirsten Ashley PhotographyKirsten Ashley PhotographyKirsten Ashley PhotographyKirsten Ashley Photography

5 :: April’s Happiness – Get excited about this month’s Happiness Through My Eyes installment on A Proper Coffee Tasting. Years of working at Starbucks gave me some seriously insightful information on everyone’s favorite source of caffeine and I thought it would be exciting to walk you through how to conduct a proper coffee tasting. Below is a sneak peek of the photo goodness going live on April 30th! Get ready for bold flavors and a serious caffeine fix!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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