Monday in a Moment #44 | Alles Gut


1 :: Not So Overwhelmed – Remember last week how I thought I’d be ridiculously exhausted come today? Well shocker of all surprises, today has begun with a huge tidal wave of carpe diem. Probably because everything caught up with me yesterday and  I spent the day in an out-of-it fog curled up with “The Help” all afternoon. D starts ALS this week and I couldn’t be more excited to finally have time to finish a bunch of projects. I am also exactly one month away from welcoming my baby brother into this beautiful country for SIX WEEKS! Which means plenty of time will be devoted to cleaning and prepping for the most amazing Tudor sibling adventures to date! Even though the weather is a bit overcast today, there’s a cool breeze and the smell of rain wafting into the apartment and I feel more blissful than I have in recent memory. In other words, “Es ist alles gut!” or “It’s all good!”.

2 :: More Sunday Shopping – D and I finally hit the outlet mall in Zweibrucken yesterday when the shops were open! Holy ridiculous crowds of people Batman. I felt bad for the folks running the stores against the herds of different nationalities. It’s strange as I am a seasoned professional when it comes to Black Friday shopping in the states… but I’m just out of practice I suppose. Nor did I expect it to be THAT packed. The good news is that we found a shoe store that carries D’s shoe size in more than one style! Yep, I married a man with a size 15 foot {Size 50 in Germany}.  Poor kid has never had a traditional shoe shopping experience. I always thought that you simply walked into the store, asked for your size, and they brought out the styles to you. Not for D. He’s usually met with shocked expressions and shaking heads as in “This countries largest shoe size is a 46.” Then we walk away sadly, me in crazy bewilderment that they just don’t make his size. So imagine his excitement as we found an entire wall of shoes in his size at Lloyd’s. He looked like a 10 year old in a candy store with three week’s worth of allowance to burn. All in all, the trip was definitely worth it to see inside all of the amazing clothing stores {and Le Creuset!} but beware that Sunday shopping is chock full of folks!

3 :: Break Out the Grill – This past week D and I were invited to a bring your own toppings grilled pizza night. WHAT. A. GENIUS. IDEA. J has always been the queen of grilled pizza {check out her blog post} and it’s always one of my most favorite dinner options at her house. It makes me wish we were allowed to have a tiny grill on the balcony of our apartment, but alas it’s a no go. In the spirit of breaking out the grill and getting the warmer season started in style, this week’s Pinterest food picks are all about grilled pizza combinations! Because I’m a foodie, I love the weird combinations… veggie, vegan, cauliflower crust? you bet! {Poor D…} If you have not tried grilled pizza I HIGHLY recommend you try it for dinner one night this week. J discovered that if you make mini pizzas {one for each individual} then you can custom make a smaller serving size and try more pizza options! The mini’s are also much easier to transfer to the grill! So start your grills ladies and gentlemen, because grilled pizza season is here! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and never miss a Yummay recipe! 1) Jalapeno Popper Pizza 2) Grilled Goat Cheese and Pesto Pizza  3) Grilled Barbecue Chicken Pizza 4) Grilled Pizza Dough with Veggies and Almond “Ricotta” 5) Pizza Margherita 6) Lobster Grilled Pizza

Jalapeno Popper pizzaGrilled Goat Cheese and Pesto Pizza | Fresh Tastes Blog | PBS Food | Brilliant Barbecue | Scoop.itAs soon as we get our new grill, definitely going back to last summer's obsession with grilled pizza!Grilled Pizza Dough with Veggies and Almond "Ricotta" {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan #projectlunchboxGrilled Pizza, we used a different dough recipe but followed this method. so good, going to be in the weekly dinner rotation this summer!Lobster Grilled Pizza by Tartelette

4 :: The Ankle Cuff – I always like to see what’s trending in the shoe world. This week I’m highlighting the ankle cuff sandal. I’m a sucker for the ankle strap shoe, and this latest take on the traditional style is fascinating. In the design world, shiny gold is also trending, spreading like wildfire from notecards, to brands, to shoe embellishments. Paired together is a style I’d love to wear on the shores of Monte Carlo. Click on a shoe to take you shopping online at Nordstrom! 1) Sam Edelman  -‘Dustin’ Pump – $129.95 2) Topshop – ‘Malibu’ Sandal – $230.00 3) Ivanka Trump – ‘Gelana’ Suede Sandal – $129.95 4) Topshop – ‘Rio de Janeiro’ Sandal – $230.00 5) Kendall & Kylie Madden Girl – ‘Backupp’ Ankle Cuff Sandal – Orig: $69.95 SALE: $46.87 6) Saint Laurent – ‘Jane’ Studded Sandal – $995.00

Sam Edelman 'Dustin' Pump (Nordstrom Exclusive)Topshop 'Malibu' SandalIvanka Trump 'Gelana' Suede SandalTopshop 'Rio de Janeiro' SandalKendall & Kylie Madden Girl 'Backupp' Ankle Cuff SandalSaint Laurent 'Jane' Studded Sandal

5 :: Hanging by a Wire – D and I went zip-lining in the black forest this weekend for his birthday!!! We both agree it was right up there with going hawking in Ireland last year. There’s something about flying from a wire 83 meters above the ground through breathtaking forest scenery that you’ll never forget. It was beyond amazing… surpassed awesome… and satisfied my extreme sports junkie of a husband! Talk about a win/win! If you live in the Kaiserslautern area, you NEED to head down to the black forest and check out Hirschgrund ziplining. It’s completely affordable and worth the 2.5 hour drive! More photos coming soon, but I leave you with this one to start you week off right and remind you to be brave and just go for it!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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