Monday In A Moment #6 | On Trends


1 :: My Favorite Austin Trendsetters – This past week we hosted some old friends from college in Germany. S & B live in Austin, Texas and were oh-so-happy to give me the update on all things popular stateside. Needless to say, my “I want” list just got about a mile longer. It was great to have a small taste of home around for four days and even more exciting to show them around our region here in Germany. Of course I couldn’t resist taking some ridiculous couple-y photos of them while they were here. Here’s a one photo sneak peek of the cuteness to come soon on the blog.

2 :: Trendy Hair Ties
 – B had put her hair in braids one night and upon inspecting the ends I noticed she was using a different kind of hair tie. I won’t lie, I was mostly attracted to the colors, because they are my wedding colors EXACTLY. She excitedly pulls them out of her hair and tells me they are called “Ribbon Ties”. Apparently they are all the rage right now, even in Germany, and I just live under a rock. She bought this set from Anthropologie for about $12. Totally worth it in my book! Can you imagine putting your hair in pony tail with these? So cute! I can’t wait to order mine!

3 :: My Music Trends Guru
 – Everyone has that friend that always creates amazing playlists that are JUST RIGHT for whatever occasion you’re in. B was always that friend for me. Road trip to Louisiana? New Playlist. Valentines Day Party 2009? New Playlist. She always kept me up to date on the tunes getting ready to smash the radio scene. So of course she brought it all with her to Germany so we could jam while driving down the autobahn. My favorites are as follows:
– Disparate Youth by Santigold
– Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
– New Shoes by Paolo Nutini
– Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
– Rebellion Lies by Arcade Fire
– I Love It by Icona Pop
– To You by Young Wonder
– Generator First Floor by Freelance Whales (BEST SONG TO DRIVE TO ON THE AUTOBAHN!!!)

4 :: Hot Trendy Ballet Flats – Traveling requires multiple pairs of shoes. Not just any shoe will do either…. when traveling in Europe, comfort is key. I was ecstatically introduced to a new company called Tieks by Gavrieli. Apparently they are all the rage in the bigger cities in the states. This company has created the most versatile ballet flat I have ever seen. They come in EVERY color you can imagine, they are SUPER comfortable, and they have the most amazing packaging I have witnessed in the shoe industry. You can fold each ballet flat in half and store them in a handy-dandy bag that fits right in your purse! Genius. Definitely perfect for gals like me that need a pair of flats handy for when your feet hurt from those sky high heels. I HIGHLY recommend Tieks and every girl I know should promptly go out to their website and purchase a pair of your own. Due to the fact that I own my own photography company, I would love it if they sent me a trial pair to review on the blog. One thing is for sure, I LOVE TIEKS!

5 :: Trendy Chocolate Shop in Heidelberg – We made a trip to Heidelberg while S & B were here and we stumbled upon this chocolate shop that I had never seen before! CHCO Chocolate Company is a photographer’s and an architect’s dream all clean lines and linear perspectives. I wanted to photograph the shop so badly but I could tell they had a professional to do their photos and graphics and I didn’t want to be rude. Next time we go I’m asking for sure. The awesome trend in this shop is that they have a block of chocolate {in countless flavors} with a spoon cooled into the top, the perfect tool to make hot chocolate!!! We sampled their gourmet chocolates and were over the moon with the flavors and textures. I just adore their spokes person, a little girl with a definite passion for chocolate. Well done Choco Chocolate Company. I salute you.

All CHCO images by Milo Photography.

That’s all for this Monday! Hope this inspired you to start your week refreshed and ready to conquer. Don’t forget to come back next week!

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