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1 :: It’s No Joke – So as it turns out… all of that hullabaloo on waiting to see where our next base would be? The huge grieving process that I was fighting because we were moving back stateside? Well, it’s all completely out of the picture now. Due to the AF not wanting to move us {PCS} six months shy of the end of D’s four year enlistment {even though he is going to re-enlist and simply hasn’t yet} we are now staying in Germany until December of this year! This means an extra six months here! We are both so very thrilled about getting bonus summer/fall seasons here in Europe. This was completely unexpected… but quite serendipitous. So if you haven’t been able to come visit us out here, we’re here till Dec! This also means that our pick for our next base gets reset and we now have the opportunity to stay overseas. We won’t know anything until around July, so stay tuned!

2 :: Hardcore Winter Shoes – With the winter Olympics coming up I’ve been inspired to research what it would be like to own your own gear for some of this stuff. I’d definitely have to live in Nordic country to justify purchasing one of these items… but I have to say, I have always wanted my very own personal pair of ice skates. There’s just something super cool about not having to rent {not to mention way more hygenic!}. Click on a shoe to take you to the website! 1) Figure Skating –  Riedell 229 TS White Onyx Ice Skates – $195.00 2) Ice Hockey – Riedell Ice Skates 830 Soft Series Boot Mens Hockey Blade – $89.00 3) Ice Climbing – Black Diamond Sabretooth PRO Crampons – $169.95 4) Skiing – Salomon Quest Access 50 Ski Boots White/Cold Sea Translucent – $249.00 5) Snow Boots – Olang Musica Tex Women’s Snow Boots Mole – $197.00 6) Snowshoeing – ALPS Adult All Terrian Snowshoes – $59.99

Riedell 229 Ice Skates

3 :: I Love Brunch – No, seriously. I do. I’m obsessed with brunch. So much so that we served brunch for dinner at our wedding instead of a traditional dinner. There’s something about the winter that makes brunch more cozy. Probably has to do with the cold weather, but I also think the pace of life slows down just a bit and you enjoy the family moments more. This week’s Pinterest picks are all about brunch and recipes you can make ahead and freeze. That way come Saturday morning you can just pop ’em in the oven and start the timer! Be sure to follow all my boards on Pinterest, especially my Yummay board! Click on an image below to take you to the recipe!

Sun-Dried Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Fresh Basil FrittataSunday Brunch: Scrambled Eggs in Puff PastryClassic Eggs Benedict - Fine Cooking5 Minute Overnight Yeasted Waffles | Portuguese Girl Cooks - yeasted waffles are amazing! You've got to try them!

4 :: Reflections Follow Up – A couple of weeks ago D and I had the pleasure of judging the PTSA Reflections Contest for Landstuhl Regional Elementary and Middle School. While Dana was busy reading the entries for the Literature category, I was hard at work reviewing the Visual Arts AND Photography entries. These kids worked super hard. The theme this year was “Believe, Dream, Inspire” and I thought it was so fitting as children can make you do all three in a way no other age can. It was great to meet the other judges and be a part of the community here. I thought I’d share some photographs I took of some of the entries. I’ll be sure to post who the winners were once I am allowed to divulge that information! Thanks again to Medina Barron for graciously inviting Dana and I to be judges this year!

Thanks for coming back this week! It’s my hope that MIAM brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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