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Welcome to the Home Sweet Home blog circle, where a group of talented photographers around the world share why their hometown/state is the most fantastic place to visit! Should you find yourself in Texas, feel free to follow along with this series to find some of the most amazing hidden gems in the Lone Star State. After reading this post, be sure to follow the blog circle around the world to Anna Francken’s blog in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her photography is always stunning and full of delightful European details!

This month’s Home Sweet Home post is a little personal as I introduce the newest member of the Wollschlager family. Meet Maximus Aurelius, or Max for short. Max loves shoes, balls, playing tug of war, and will do almost anything for a treat. He is the reason my social media and blogging has been obsolete as of late. D and I found him while perusing our local shelter here in Abilene on our June wedding anniversary. I told D that we would not make it out of the shelter without bringing home a dog. I know myself and I just can’t say no! Max was the cutest fluffiest dog there and I still can’t get over how much he and Marlie {my childhood dog} look alike. Everything from their mannerisms to the way they sit and play. We actually had the chance to introduce the two dogs on Father’s Day weekend. Needless to say Max is the punk teenager and Marlie is the seasoned veteran.

It’s been serious work having a dog around the house. Max still has plenty of puppy in him so while he may be potty trained, we’re currently working on no jumping and no biting. I know this is weird to say, but I feel like a first time mom. It’s the only time I’ve ever been fully responsible for someone other than myself all day every day with no break. Sure I watched my brother as a kid and even spent a fair amount of time with Marlie… but when push came to shove, Mom and Dad always stepped in and took the bulk of the responsibility. I worry about Max all the time although it’s getting less and less the longer he’s with us. I feel like a mom with tourettes when I’m talking to people on the phone… they’ll hear “Oh hi, Shelby! Soooo good to hear from you! DON’T TOUCH THE SHOES!!!!!!! How have you been? I SAID NO SHOES!….” Thankfully most of my friends either have small children or dogs themselves and are incredibly understanding.

Here are some Abilene dog tips… We highly recommend Dr. Bloodgood as a veterinarian. His office the Mobile Veterinary Clinic is on 3401 S Treadway Blvd Abilene, TX 79602. Their office number is 3256984900. He and his staff are absolutely amazing with the animals. I couldn’t believe how gentle and kind they are! They know that these pets are “our babies” and the uphold the promise to take the best possible care of them at all times. If you like the dog park scene, there is a dog park near the Abilene zoo called “Camp Barkeley”. They have an area for large dogs {30lbs and over} and a smaller one for small dogs {30lbs and under}. It’s great for getting your dog socialized and used to being around other pets!

Mostly it has been a joyous adventure to have Max be a part of our family. With a little training, patience, and lots of love things will continue to get easier. Huge shout-out to the husband for all of his hard work and for putting up with my current bouts of dog mom insanity.

Be sure to hop on over to Anna’s blog next to see her view of her home in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Add a comment or hit the like button to show some love!

Until July’s insight into the goings on in the great state of Texas, I am wishing ya’ll a beautiful month!

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