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Welcome to the Home Sweet Home blog circle, where a group of talented photographers around the world share why their hometown/state is the most fantastic place to visit! Should you find yourself in Texas, feel free to follow along with this series to find some of the most amazing hidden gems in the Lone Star State. After reading this post, be sure to follow the blog circle around the world to Anna Francken’s blog in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her photography is always stunning and full of delightful European details!

This month D and I traveled to San Marcos, Texas to visit my baby brother in his college town. For those of you oblivious to Texas geography, San Marcos about four hours slightly southeast from Abilene right smack dab in the middle of the gorgeous Texas hill country. My husband was in shock at the terrain {“You mean Texas has hills??? and roads that don’t just go straight???”} and we had the best time touring the town, despite the monsoon like downpour all weekend.

Like any place, what do you do when it’s raining out side? You make your way to the local brewery and sit down for a pint. In our case, my brother PT had found the most amazing local brewery in Blanco, TX called Real Ale Brewing CompanyThis delightful town sits about 45 minutes north of San Marcos. He’s been trucking it up there since the beginning when the tastings were free for as much as you could stomach. Currently it’s still the best drinking deal in town with samplers starting at just $4.00!

Real Ale Brewing Co began brewing in 1996 with a passionate heart for being Texan and brewing in Texas. Their goal is to brew the best possible beer around because “Texans are a thirsty bunch”! Real Ale Brewing is a unique company in that they only sell beer in the great state of Texas so that they can focus on quality rather than quantity.

We’re Texans. We care about Texans. So, we want to make sure the people we care about have the highest quality beer possible. And let’s face it, Texans are a thirsty bunch. – Real Ale Brewing Co

They start with water from the nearby Blanco River using no preservatives or artificial colors. We’re talking artisan ale here folks. They have everything from a Belgian Style Tripel {Devil’s Backbone} to a Rye IPA {Full Moon} to a German-style Pilsner {Hans’ Pils} to the ever popular, and my favorite, a blonde ale {Firemans #4}. They have 9 signature beers followed by 3 heavy hitters in a larger size. Plus their seasonal brews, PLUS their Brewers Cut and Mysterium Verum. It’s a brewers paradise I tell you.

D and I each started with a sampler, mine included the Devils Backbone, Hans’ Pils, Full Moon, & Brewhouse Brown Ale, while D’s only varied by The Devils Share. I was floored!!! I hadn’t had beer this tasty since living abroad. My brother’s Scots Gone Wild was matured for 12-14 months to deliver tart flavors that will blow your mind! It’s beautiful to see such craftsmanship both in a product and all of their marketing materials. You can buy awesome t-shirts, tour the brewery all while sipping their tasty wares. They’re even dog friendly!

This company has it down and I HIGHLY recommend that you visit them should you find yourself in the hill country. Stop in, they say they’ll “welcome you with open taps”!

So take that road trip you’ve been meaning to take this summer and head out to the Real Ale Brewing Company in Blano, Texas. Their address is 231 San Saba Court Blanco, Texas 78606. Call their office for more local information on opening times and tours at (830) 833-2534. If you’re a love of a quality hand crafted beverage made by those who are passionate about Texas, you will absolutely LOVE it!

Be sure to hop on over to Anna’s blog next to see her view of her home in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Add a comment or hit the like button to show some love!

Until June’s insight into the great state of Texas, I am wishing ya’ll a beautiful month!

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April 16, 2015

For those of you who are unaware, there is a TON of mail that flows through the KAPD studio on a regular basis. Something about opening up my mailbox to find letters inside just for me {that aren’t bills} makes me jump up and down with girlish glee! I came across Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap in 2013 and thought “What a scathingly brilliant idea!”. The premise for the swap is to get your art out into the world, making connections as you go along. All too often folks are too busy to get their art printed {aka yours truly for 2013 & 2014} and this swap provides you with the incentive to set your art free {whether it’s painting, collaging, photography etc} all over the world! While I discovered the swap several years ago, this was my first year to participate and it was truly a fascinating experience!

As I am a travel photographer, and those images tend to get printed last, I chose my favorite five images from my world adventures to put on postcards. You can see these images below. On the back I wrote a simple message and the quote

Never forget the beauty of your imagination! Seriously… Shine on.

I had my cards printed from and I cannot praise them enough for their glorious products! Their luxe papers are so luxurious they make a girl swoon!

Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Liberate Your Art | Post Card Swap

The process for the swap was so easy thanks to Kat’s super clear instructions. You sent in five post cards with separate return address labels and stamps, and in return you received five post cards {plus one from Kat herself!} from artists all over the globe! I was super psyched when the cards started coming in! Kat sends them in batches so they don’t all arrive at once, with her post card being the last one delivered. It was so much fun to see what kind of art I would receive and where it would come from! Most of the participants gave their email address or another form of contact info so you could touch base once their cards arrived.

Here are the cards I received this year! I really was super excited about every one. It’s amazing to see art through another persons eye. I will definitely be participating in this event next year! Artist listed from left to right, top to bottom: 1) A Cow in a Field at Sunset – Diane McWhirter – Canberra Austrailia 2) Mediterranean Sea, Corsica, France – Cindy ChiltonPhoneix, Arizona 3) Quiet Noise of Mother Nature – Vicki hula-laNew York 4) Untitled – Kristen Playford – Portland, Oregon 5) Imminent Downfall – Kat SlomaPortland, Oregon 6) Lavender – Terry Owenby – Portland, Oregon

Kirsten Ashley Photography & Design | Liberate Your Art | Post Card Swap

A huge thanks to Kat for all of her hard work and dedication in making this event a reality. She puts so many hours of pure elbow grease into making sure all of the post cards get swapped accordingly. She’s like my own personal mail fairy… that makes it rain postcards.

I am so looking forward to next year’s swap! Be on the lookout around January 2016!


April 18, 2014

Happy Easter weekend folks! If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media, you know that this spring in Germany has been extra everything good. Extra sun, extra blooms, extra awesome weather… you name it, it’s extra! D and I managed to get out to a local Ostereimarkt or Easter Egg Market in Siegelbach near Kaiserslautern. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I think I figured it would be alot like a Christmas Market, but just Easter themed. I was sort of right, and way wrong all at the same time.

Nothing could have prepared me for the most amazing Easter eggs I have ever seen in my whole life. I have been super curious as to why Germans hang these beautiful creations from trees both inside and out. Well, this year I did my research and found the answer “The tradition of hanging decorated eggs on an Easter tree (usually a cluster of branches brought into someone’s home and kept in a vase) comes from Germany, were originally handmade ornaments were hung instead of eggs. The ornaments represented different Bible verses, all the way from Genesis to the Gospels. Children would add one ornament per day to the “tree” all the way through lent up to Easter. Sometimes just one ornament was added per week, then one each day during the week before Easter. Another meaning of the Easter tree is the medieval legend that the tree which provided the wood for Jesus’ cross came from a long line of trees which began with a beautiful tree in the garden of Eden. This shows the dual death/rebirth nature of the cross.” – WikiAnswers

There were about twelve booths that had distinctly different hand painted/created egg designs. I picked my favorites and managed to converse with the owners with the help of an extremely kind German woman. The people present at this event were some of the kindest Germans I have had the privilege of talking with. The hand illustrated bunnies were my favorite. What can I say, I love the classics. I looked up the book Die Häschenschule and it turns out the story is about The Bunny School. It’s a classic German children’s picture book much like Peter Rabbit. The calligraphy eggs had me over the moon with excitement! They sport the traditional Bible verses that were originally painted on the eggs. D even bought me one with my name! It also hit me like a ton of bricks that I definitely needed to calligraphy some eggs for Easter! It was one of those “Ohmigoshwhydidn’tithinkofthat?!?!” moments.

Kirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | OstereimarktKirsten Ashley Photography | Ostereimarkt

If you are interested in purchasing these beautiful eggs feel free to contact the following vendors. Be aware that some of them speak little English. 

For the Die Häschenschule or The Bunny School Eggs:
Marianne Strasser | Stockborner St. 10 67688 Rodenback | 06374 2668

For the calligraphy eggs:
Werner Müller | Waldstraße 7 66625 Nohfelden-BOSEN | 06852 1235 |

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Easter weekend, full of celebration, family, and love. D and I will be attending the early service {9 am} at Frontline Community Church. Come on down and join us if you’re on the hunt for a church here!









1 :: Keeping it Fresh – Inspired by last week’s Monday in a Moment, this week’s will have the same content in the same format, just coming at you from a different angle. This week managed to get super busy over night with custom design work, picking up a friend at the airport, tax appointments {UGH.}, and prepping for next week’s “Happiness Through my Eyes” blog post on…. CALLIGRAPHY! Woo hoo! I know I can’t wait. In the meantime, however, prayers go out to everyone this week with a loaded to-do list! May we all accomplish everything that NEEDS to be done, without sweating the small stuff.

2 :: Walkin’ Shoes – Traveling season is coming soon and I definitely need comfy pair of shoes that are also a little chic. Mostly so I don’t look American as we’re taking our round the world adventures. You can always tell where someone is from by looking at their shoes. Crazy huh? So my shoe picks this week are built for travel and TONS of walking. Enjoy! Note: these shoes are brought to you by Deichmann in Germany so the prices are in Euro. Click on a shoe to take you to Deichmann’s website! 1) Graceland Sports Ballerina – € 19.90 2) Puma Ballerina – € 34.90 3) adidas neo label Ballerina – € 49.90 4) Blue Fin Ballerina – € 12.90 5) Blue Fin Ballerina – € 19.90 6) Fila Ballerina – € 29.90

Graceland Sports Ballerina | € 19.90Puma Ballerina | € 34.90adidas neo label Ballerina | € 49.90Blue Fin Ballerina € 12.90Blue Fin Ballerina € 19.90Fila Ballerina | € 29.90

3 :: Cooking Mags – When I was a little girl, my mother used to have subscriptions to several of the best cooking magazine’s out there. She and I both used to get SO excited when one would come in the mail that we’d pour over it together and decide which meals to make for dinner for the next several weeks. It was like getting a food package in the mail every month! With their handy dandy techniques, easy weeknight meals, and unique culinary wares, I would literally read from cover to cover. So this week instead of highlighting my pinterest picks, I’m introducing you to my other favorite way to meal plan… from a cooking magazine. Most of these are fairly inexpensive for what you’re getting. Try one! You won’t regret it! Click on a magazine to take you to their website.

1) Fine Cooking |  $29.95 per year – Magazine + Digital {iphone + ipad versions} – This is my FAVORITE magazine. It’s a little fancy pants… but completely worth it! Also their food photography is out of this world!
2) Cuisine At Home | $28.00 for TWO years & back issues available online – This one is my second favorite. The recipes are a much more practical and there is a photo for EVERY recipe. They also have great step by step instructions and easy week night meal section.
3) Bon Appetit | $38.00 for 1 year OR $19.99 for 1 year of DIGITAL {iphone & ipad version} – This magazine is delightful! Also a little fancy pants, but the graphics and art are enticing even if the recipes are definitely on the advanced side.
4) Cooks Illustrated | $24.95 for 1 year & No advertisements – I think this one is my third favorite. If you know nothing about the science of cooking and want to learn why putting this exact amount of baking powder + eggs makes pancakes fluffy then this is the magazine for you. Highly detailed explanations go into why and how each recipe was created. Tests upon tests were churned out to create the quintessential perfect recipe for every recipe in the magazine! I learned so much from Cooks Illustrated.
5) Cooking Light | $24.00 for TWO years – A little on the cheaper side, Cooking Light is good, but it was always my least favorite. If you like recipes + ways to stay healthy + articles + lots of ads then this magazine is for you. Back in the day, there wasn’t a photo for every recipe {a MUST for me} so I would get bored flipping through the pages of text. BUT- my favorite chili recipe of all time came from this magazine, so don’t write it off completely!

Fine Cooking Magainze | $29.95 per year | Magazine + Digital {iphone + ipad versions}Cuisine at Home Magazine | $28.00 for TWO years | back issues available onlineBon Appetit Magazine | $38.00 for 1 year OR $19.99 for 1 year of DIGITAL {iphone & ipad version}.Cooks Illustrated Magazine | $24.95 for 1 year | No advertisementsCooking Light Magazine | $24.00 for TWO years

4 :: Instagram pick of the week – Say hello to @Laurenessl with Blue Eye Brown Eye! Located in my favorite state TEXAS out of lovely Fort worth, Lauren will add some sparkle and pizzazz to your instagram feed! Her company {named after her adorable pooch!} is chalk full of calligraphy, calligraphy classes, & design! I absolutely love the full-of-life feeling you get from her images. Lauren’s work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Oh So Beautiful Paper,  The Wedding Chicks, & Green Wedding Shoes! Talk about talent! Be sure to check out her awesome website & follow her  work on her blog. If you’re near Forth Worth, be sure to check out her beginners and advanced calligraphy classes! Wish I was at home, as I’d totally sign up for one myself!

5 :: Ostereiermärkte – This past weekend D and I decided we hadn’t done anything local in a while. There was an Ostereiermärkte going on in Siegelbach near Kaiserslautern. “What is that?” you ask? Oh it’s just German for an Easter Egg Market. I plan to do an additional blog post on this event, but here in Germany they have the tradition of hanging decorated eggs from the spring tree branches outside. I could not believe the beautiful eggs on display at the event in Siegelbach. It was such a lovely tradition. I met so many interesting talented Germans!  This image is one of many more to come.

Ostereiermärkte | Easter Egg Market | Kirsten Ashley Photography

Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! It’s my hope that Monday In A Moment brightens the beginning of your week so you can power through to the end!

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October 02, 2013

The Ramstein Blue Grass Association has officially formed a band called “The Wurst Boys”! They so kindly asked me to come back and photograph their dynamic quad of talented musicians for their website. It is out of sheer blessings that these folks have become good friends since our last session. Each member of the band has such a unique personality that shines through in their physical expression as well as their musical solos. My favorite part of the band is that they just have fun together. They are all very skilled in their respective instruments, and genuinely love jamming with each other. I adore listening to the harmonies of the singers and the different twists of the solos. Not to mention, almost every time they get together, they play “The Dueling Banjos”, which gets big smiles out of everyone!

The band features James Hopkins on banjo, John Lowery on mandolin, with Ian Beaumont on guitar and Dave Klaus on string bass. These folks are ” hard driving musicians dedicated to the preservation of bluegrass music”. Each member’s unique background brings an original flavor to their interpretation of the traditional blue grass songs. It has been a true joy to watch these men progress in their journey and I am thrilled at the chance to work with them again! Feel free to check out their website so you can catch their next gig and show them some love on their Facebook page!

A huge thank you to The Wurst Boys for allowing me to capture the magnificent personalities and beautiful instruments. It is my hope that the images capture some of the amazing bluegrass music too, even though you cannot hear it. I wish you guys all the best on your journey, and bluegrass will always remind me of ya’ll from here on out.

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1 :: It’s heeeeeeeeerrreeee!!! – My favorite season seems to have descended upon me over night! For those of you who don’t know, fall is my FAVORITE. The clothes, the colors, the crispness of the air…. everything wonderful happens during this season: football, apple picking, pumpkin spice latte’s, halloween, my birthday….. and the list goes on! Fall in Germany is particularly enticing as it opens the door for so many festivals and things to do. Plus, the weather is cooler here which means I can break out my boots that much earlier! Now that D is back home, it feels as though everything is back in place and setting itself up for a glorious fall season!

2 :: Knee High Boots – I think my heart skipped a beat. These beauties are prized and most beloved. A huge thanks to my sister Sarah Ndjerareou for the tip off to Stuart Weitzman’s collection this year. What’s not to love about the over-the-knee boot? They are stylish, beautiful, and from the knee down you’re super warm and comfy. Sounds like a win/win to me! You had better believe all of these are on my birthday wish list this year. Eat your heart out ladies…. Click on an image to shop online courtesy of 1) Stuart Weitzman – ‘Highland’ Over the Knee Boot $750.00 2) Frye – ‘Lucinda Slouch’ Over the Knee Boot $447.95 3) Stuart Weitzman – ‘Demiswoon’ Over the Knee Boot $598.00 4) Jimmy Choo – ‘Tamba’ Over the Knee Boot $1,895.00 5) Stuart Weitzman – ‘5050’ Over the Knee Boot $598.00 6) Chinese Laundry – ‘South Bay’ Over the Knee Boot $99.95

Stuart Weitzman 'Highland' Over the Knee BootFrye 'Lucinda Slouch' Over the Knee BootStuart Weitzman 'Demiswoon' Over the Knee BootJimmy Choo 'Tamba' Over the Knee BootStuart Weitzman '5050' Over the Knee BootChinese Laundry 'South Bay' Over the Knee Boot


3 :: Autumn Eats – I can’t decide what I’m more excited about this week. The food or the shoes. Autumn for me means breaking out the comfort foods. Dishes to warm the soul. It’s the time of year where my kitchen starts to flex it’s biceps in prep for christmas baking. I just hope you have some cool weather to let these dishes work their magic in. Click on an image to take you to the recipe! All images are courtesy of Pinterest. Don’t forget to follow my “Yummay” board! 1) Raspberry Pie via BHG 2) Roasted Butternut Squash and Sage Soup by Chung-Ah 3) Beef Bourguignon (French Beef Stew) 4) Penne with Roasted Butternut Squash, Pancetta, and Sage via Martha Stewart from Scott Conant 5) Tex-Mex Oven Fries with 2 Dipping Sauces by Katie Goodman via Good Life Eats.

Raspberry PieRoasted Butternut Squash and Sage SoupPenne with Roasted Butternut Squash, Pancetta, and SageTex Mex Oven Fries with Two Dipping Sauces

4 :: Tunes for Fall – Autumn leads me towards slow folksy acoustic songs. So tuck in, I’ll be on this kick for a while. I’m not really sure why, but the vintage girl in my heart jumps up and down ecstatic with joy upon hearing these artists. I’ve been editing some stellar sessions lately full of life and love and these tunes make me smile while perfecting family hugs or engagement kisses. Click on an album cover to take you to! 1) Bright Whites – Kishi Bashi 2) Candles – Daughter 3) Can’t Pretend – Tom Odell 4) More Like Me – Emily and The Woods 5) In the Middle – Joshua James

CandlesCan't PretendMore Like MeIn the Middle

5 :: Autumn and Bluegrass with “The Wurst Boys” – I had joy of taking photos of the newly formed bluegrass band “The Wurst Boys”. All of them are members of the Ramstein Area Bluegrass Association and I am thrilled that they have allowed me to photograph their journey. Bluegrass to me is all about personality and these guys have it in spades! Here’s a sneak peek of whats coming on the blog soon! Special thanks to James and Amy Hopkins for contacting me!

6 :: FALL MINI SESSIONS – I am by far the most excited with this next bit of news. I am offering Fall Mini Sessions from October 14th – 21st!!! The session fee is $130 and includes: A one hour photoshoot, six holiday card ready images on a USB drive, an online private gallery, and a $25 print credit towards custom designed holiday cards or prints! To book your appointment as spaces are limited CLICK HERE. I am really looking forward to working with you guys and have some really cute ideas in store! Book your session now before all of the slots fill up!

That’s all for this Monday! Hope this inspired you to start your week refreshed and ready to conquer. Don’t forget to come back next week!

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August 11, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of being the event photographer of the KMC 1st Four Ramstein Zombie 5K run to raise money for the Landstuhl St. Nikolaus Orphanage. What is a zombie 5K you ask? Oh man…. I have never been witness to anything so fun! Everyone in the race {even volunteers} gave $20 to go towards the charity. There were two types of race participants: Race Runners & Zombies. Registered runners received two flag-football like flags at the check in table that morning, while the zombies were hard at work with makeup to look super scary. Moments before the race began, the rules were explained. The goal for the runners of the race was to make it through the entire race with both of their flags. Sounds simple right? Then the runners were told that dozens of zombies were “hidden” along the race route to pull their flags at any given moment. Once both of your flags were pulled you were pronounced “dead” and therefore became a zombie too. At this point the ‘runners turned zombies” had the option to pull the flags of anyone running near them. Those of us working the face figured it would be impossible for anyone to make it through ‘alive’.

At 9:30 AM all of the runners lined up at the start line and took off on the 5K run around Ramstein AFB. I was so thrilled at the participation of both runners and zombies alike to get into character. It is such a joy to see people with such big hearts rallying for such a good cause. There was also a ticket based giveaway with plenty of goodies donated from some of the favorite shops at the Ramstein Exchange. The photos below are from the whole day, start to finish. I ended up running the race backwards so I could catch photos of all the participants. The shirtless guys were booking it. I don’t think anyone made it through with both flags. By the end of the race everyone was eager to show me that they had all turned into zombies! It was such a fun and inspiring event!

The event raised over  $3,900 for the St. Nikolaus Orphanage (more to follow) with 0 safety incidences. A huge thanks to Zach and Crystal Bach of the KMC 1st Four for inviting me to photograph this glorious event! You guys did such a fantastic job and made this day so much fun! I look forward to working with the KMC 1st Four again soon. Thanks also to all of the volunteers that came out to support the cause including the zombies, the 5K path zone directors, and make-up artists. Without all of your help, this event would not have been possible! Great job everyone!

If you were a part of this event and you would like to purchase your photo please visit the Zombie 5K Gallery. Photos are available in 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. Images will be sent directly to you at your address!




April 03, 2013

That’s right, folks…. Bluegrass. When I was young, my mother was a huge Andy Griffith fan. Periodically on the show, the Darlings would come to the town of Mayberry and get Andy Griffith to sit in on their bluegrass jam session and play guitar. My favorite TAGS episode is “The Darlins Are Coming”. Unbeknownst to me, years later the Darlin’s blue grass songs would trickle through my memory and allow me to join in and sing along at this amazing jam session! Unfamiliar with the bluegrass genre? Think “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?”. Know the dueling banjo’s tune? You’ll fit right in!

I have had the honor of getting to know each of these individuals who have played specific roles in the bi-weekly jam sessions held throughout the year. I adore finding hidden talents in friends when I think I already know everything about them. These men (& Amy!) have talent in spades. They get together to jam just for funzies to enjoy each other’s company and bask in the shared adoration of bluegrass folk music. Want to know the best part? Anyone is welcome to join in and play! Never have I wished so hard that I had taken my parents up on their offer for me to learn a stringed instrument. Currently the band consists of a banjo (James Hopkins) two mandolins (John Lowery & Brandon Grooves ), two fiddles (Robert Rieve & Amy Hopkins) three guitarists (Ian Beaumont, Oliver Abt & Dave Klaus) and two bass players (Dana Wollschlager & Dave Klaus).

I had the pleasure of photographing their last jam session held at Bauer Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG in Weilerbach, Germany. After a fantastic dinner of authentic German cuisine, we trooped over to a side room where the jam was held. The guys had an awesome session lasting around three hours full of incredible music that will get your toes tapping and your hands clapping. Anyone interested in joining can check out their website or RABA Facebook Page. While editing these photos I was definitely humming “Dooley” & “The Soul of Man Never Dies”. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support and a special thanks to the band for letting me capture the soul of their music!

Thanks again to the RAB Association for allowing me to photograph this epic event! May your tradition continue to grow in numbers and fans!



Once upon a time, in a country across the ocean from home, I wished for a camera. I dreamed of photographing shy smiles, bright futures, hands held, and lives colliding. I have seen and admired so many photographers wondering if I would ever get my chance to pursue the hobby that delighted me in a professional manner. It is with great expectations coupled with inspired hope that I introduce Kirsten Ashley Photography to you.



This company is based primarily on lifestyle photography. I want to capture you in your everyday moments with your children, your spouse, or just you! I take great pride in providing a product that will remain timeless in addition to being precious. Photographs can last a lifetime, freezing your children at that priceless age for you to enjoy.

Please contact me for more information about booking your session! I look forward to working with you!

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